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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by best_fullback, May 12, 2009.

  1. About 2 years ago I had a bad accident with my head (got put through a window of a door) meaning I have two small scars on my nose and under my left eye, a medium scar across my forehead (about 3-4cm) and a long scar on the left hand side of my head going from my temple down to the top of my ear (about 6-7cm).

    Anyway, I have played on since then with my club and socially the same as always. However recently the large scar began to bleed in a match so I have made the decision to start wearing a head-guard to keep it safe.

    I play anywhere in the backs, but more-so as a half back or outside half and I was wondering whether there are any other backs out there who wear head-guards? If so can you recommend me any? (e.g. best aesthetically, reasonable price, doesn't obscure vision etc) and why do you personally wear a head-guard?

    Cheers guys
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  3. Scrumit2

    Scrumit2 Guest

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    Berrick Barnes (A soon to be Wallaby Captain) wears Gilbert. Matt Giteau (the best #10 in the world, and I'm not a Western Force Fan so it pains me to say so) wears Madison. Stay away from the new Gilbert "Brain something or other" makes you look like a cone head. I wear CCC but I'm a forward. I wear one because I took a elbow to above my eye and it left a beauty of a gash. I notice a difference in that flying elbows and such seem to be absorbed in the cap and so there is less stress on my scar. They seem to help with head-ons not so much for preventing concussions but keeping you from getting the eye watering knock that seems to daze you enough to get you out of position. I hit a bloke the other day that is sure lucky I was wearing one as I hit him in the temple with the top of my head. Without the cap I'm sure he'd have been knockout. From experience looking a little goofy for 70-80 mins a week is nothing compared to a lifetime of goofy cause you scars keep reopening. I give scrum caps two thumbs up.
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    Cheers for the comments and insight Scrumit2,

    I have been looking at what some players wear at the moment. Barnes and Giteau are the obvious choices due to the similar positions we play. Larkham wore a CCC also like you, and even though no one else has replied yet, I thought that would be the obvious route to go down as Canterbury have such a brilliant reputation with their rugby apparel.

    Thanks again mate
  5. O'Rothlain

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    I don't wear it often, but I have a Canterbury one. The only other guy on my team that wears one (a bashing inside centre) wears a Canterbury one too. I've seen others and some look gimicky. The Canterbury ones look legit and feel comfortable.
  6. What are the opinions on this new Canterbury headguard:

  7. Thingimubob

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    Looks wise, it's a bit of a wierd one, but I think Michael Owen (ex-Welsh Captain) wore one similar, so much be quite good. A friend of mine (who played anywhere ccentres, fullback and back row mostly) used to ear a CCC one that was pretty good I think.
  8. I wore (wear when/if I start playing again) one because I ripped my ear in training and was advised to after having it glued back together. Had a Gilbert one which was fairly functional, although quite old now. If I was looking at getting a new one I'd be tempted to go for Kooga's Victor:


    Doesn't look too bad, and more importantly you can find the right combination of colours to match your team kit. ;)
  9. O'Rothlain

    O'Rothlain Guest

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    as gay as:
  10. <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (SaintsFan_Schweinsteiger_Webby @ May 13 2009, 09:04 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
    Yeah I had looked at the Kooga Victor as that is what I think Barnes wears. They seem pretty sound, aren't too expensive and have wide side guards which might be good for vision. I think the best thing to do is go to the shop and give them a gander.

    Also I agree O'Rothlain; that Canterbury headguard is horrible. I saw it on Lovell Rugby for nearly £50! Apparently the RRP is even more than that as well. Why you would want to spend that much on a head guard is beyond me.
  11. Paqui

    Paqui Guest

    I'm a forward, i use scrumcaps since i was 12 (now i'm 22), so for me the best head-guards are canterbury ones (i lost my dear honeycomb 3 years ago, and nowadays it's impossible to get Canterbury stuff in Argentina, cause they left the Country in 2002). I also tried Adidas, Puma, Gilbert, Rugbytech and Flash (a local brand, used by some pumas) and there's nothing like Canterbury's fit... Kooga, Madison, Optimum so i can't say nothing about them....
  12. Scrumit2

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    Fullback, stay away from that CCC one its similar to the gilbert on that makes you look like an egg head. I wear a CCC mesh one- great fit and protection as long as you don't leave it in your bag then it gets hard as me watching Monster Ball the "Make me feel good" scene.

    Barnes wears gilbert and has for years. Not sure if its superstition or what but he started the year with the newest model which comes in white and green and by the end of the year he was with a mesh greyish black and green one. I love Kooga but haven't tried their headgear. I wear their compression stuff from Linebreaker and its the bomb.
  13. Thingimubob

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    KooGa do good compression stuff do they? What are they like price wise? I want to get some for next season since my Cantebury one's wayy too small now
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