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Set Play help (xbox)


Saint N Sinner


At last i have the game and i must say im not dissapointed.

But im a little confused onto how the set plays work, as i have seen in the footage, they have little button thingys above them to indicate which person you want to pass to. but they dont appear.

And I cant find that NAME bar that you can apparently turn on in the options menu/

Thanx guys.
pause the game whiel playing select options then display options then turn on names, etc.
offside line
Thanx, alot

I just thought that would be like re-arranging the screen or something, cus it is in the menu options.
Its just the set-plays that im having trouble with now.

Kinda bugging me now
GREAT game though.
I have found a way of doing the set plays, but it doesn't work all of the time!

Hold the 'A' button to bind the players in, then hold a direction (on the d-pad) for your desired move until the icon above the players head turns green then just pass the ball & start you're move!

I haven't found a way of doing it all of the time, maybe the game creators have done this to stop doing set plays at every chance you get!
i still havent successfully pulled one of the buggers off either, most times the arrow never appears
You need to make sure you've secured the ball in the ruck first, then press the direction. So, for example, only press left on the D-pad when the ball is at your Scrum-Half's feet. Then, what for the arrow to turn green above his head, and pass the ball out.

Hope that helps.
Yeah cheers, I have pulled a few off. Nice moves, but sould of done with a set-play selector maybe like in fifa 05.
I've managed to pull off a few set moves using the guide here, but I can't seem to call them when I'm defending. As my players line up at the break down I press the D pad to call the coverage I want, but nothing happens.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
if you keep banging the bind button, you keep adding players to the ruck/maul, and if you do that too mcuh, you won't have enough of a backline to do the move.
Offensive set plays require you to pick it rather quickly after the ruck forms. Waiting too long won't allow you to run a set play. Also don't wait too long for the red arrow to turn green (especially on hard mode) or you'll lose the ball.

As for defensive set plays you run them... it just isn't obvious because there isn't a green arrow or any other way of knowing that your lads are obeying your commands. But you can see the results. For example if you choose kick defence and the other team kicks you have a lot better chance of fielding the kick on the run than if you were in normal mode. Similarly, if you're playing a Super 12 game and the opponent is in your end a wide defence will be much more successful than normal mode as the AI is more likely to throw the ball out wide.

Hope this helps

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