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  1. Ship-date is definitely going to be the new year and is most likely around the beginning of February, although that has not been fully decided yet.

    It is not possible to ship before Christmas now - long story on that front and stuff I cannot disclose as I have NDA's up the wazoo. January is a really bad time to ship as getting space at retail is tough.

    It's not ideal, shipping before Christmas would have made the most sales, but it's where we are.

    There have been a huge number of complications with this game, mostly caused by Hip's insolvency and at a few points it looked like it might never see the light of day. Ubisoft have been hugely supportive of the game and have worked hard to get through the contractual problems. It's just a shame we could not ship for Christmas.

    That's all I know.
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  3. robbinho

    robbinho Guest

    Well, that is where they go.

    Thanks Trev, update appreciated.
  4. toup

    toup Guest

    Yeah, cheers for the info and the honesty. I am sure you don't know, but what would you guess are the chances of more media or even a demo? Assume they'd ask you guys to put a demo together would they? Good luck with it when it finally comes out, hope it gets the sales it deserves!
  5. locksley

    locksley Guest

    I'm absolutely gutted by this news. [​IMG]

    I feel so sorry for Trev and Swordfish, because it's completely out of their hands. They miss out on the christmas sales now, and will have to go up against EA RUGBY 2006 - which also ships in Feb/early March - this is the scenario that Swordfish didn't want, i'm sure.

    Rugby challenge is a superb game, utterly brilliant, and it may now get snubbed because of this february release.
  6. TheBokke

    TheBokke Guest

    Yup unfortunately I will be pressed hard to choose between the 2 actually no screw it I will definatley still be getting both [​IMG] but in terms of the sales units sold it will hit UBI and poor old Sworfish hard as only hard core rugby gamers will opt for RC 2006 and the general public will be going for the EA monster Rugby 2006( Marketing, advertising licenses etc)

    I am now going home to [​IMG] to ball my eyes out I mean dam I am impatient once I set my heart on something!!!

  7. el_tk

    el_tk Guest

    Maybe you should bring out a demo to placate the mob. *Suggestive nudge...
  8. This will only impact in that the casual gamer may have bought this at Christmas but may now pass on it full stop.

    All us rugby nuts will buy it no matter when it comes out and even if 3 rugby titles all came out on the same day I would beg borrow or steal the money as there is no way I could pass up on a rugby title.

    Feel sorry for Swordfish but as Trev said maybe we are lucky to be getting it at all. Lets count what blessings we have eh ?
  9. CeeJay

    CeeJay Guest

    Hey Trev, how likely is it that swordfish will continue making rugby games after all this? I hope you guys are able to.

    I will definately get this game, as it may well be the last honest attempt at a good rugby game.
  10. Cheers Trev.

    My mother has pre-ordered it for me as a Christmas prezzy but Amazon said at first 1-2 weeks then February. Oh well, still looking forward to playing it.
  11. mate, mate, mate, mate.

    do not worry about this skippy shipping and retailing buisness. just send a copy to my place. you found it easy enough to send those "other" items last time didnt you?
  12. daaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyummmmm

    there goes Christmas

    but all good,im still keen to play this
  13. frontline

    frontline Guest

    stink one, oh well the league game is out next week so play that until this rugby game comes out.
  14. 187

    187 Guest

    yea it looks like league is goin to hav to satisfy me till this game comes out, it sucks how trev can't do nothing about it. but that's just the way the cookie crumbles..
  15. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    Well I won't be back from Samoa till Jan 30th so you guys won't get the jump on me lol!!!!!

    Well done Trev and the team for your commitment to Rugby fans all around the world..................even if you do lose this war against EA at least you made them cook and raise their standards........they do need a bit of a kick............

    ........long live the revolution!!!! (not an XBox endorsement)
  16. at least we can consolidate the loss with a wonderful website from ubisoft. the official website ( now just has coming soon on a black background for us all to enjoy. it is an improvement on the fake timer i suppose.
  17. Some 'good' news - it looks like we may now ship mid Jan 06.

    I'd have preferred pre-Christmas to pick up casual purchases, but Jan is better than Feb. This may change on a daily basis over the next week or so.

    As soon as we have a firm street-date, I will post it here.
  18. Flamingo

    Flamingo Guest

    Like you said kind of 'good' news i suppose!

    Role On January

    cheers again trev.
  19. yo da man trev!

    thats one thing that im really loving about you and swordfish at the moment. your honest enough to tell us that the dates can change on a daily basis, instead of messing us around. it makes us fans feel more intouch with the game. its reeeal good

    question for you trev - after the games been released, and some questions about it have been asked, and lets say a month and a half after the release, when all the hype has gone down, you going to stick around? how about coming a full-time member, and post outside the swordfish threads - your more than welcome [​IMG] we owe you bigtime trev.
  20. Mr. Laxative

    Mr. Laxative Guest

    Christmas is cancelled! No presents for anyone...

    No serious, this is the game i was gonna buy everyone for Christmas, now i can't buy anything!
  21. Easy step's for a happy Christmas and new year:

    1) Purchase/steal RC2006

    2)Lock doors, store food and cold drinks.

    3) Do not remove self until dead from bladder explosion or dead from lack of sleep.
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