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Should the father's name be on a birth certificate?


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Now, I am all for chavs being hunted down to pay maintainance and take responsibility for their actions, but this involves sperm donors. Is it fair that sperm donors would be named as the father and their details passed on should a child be born from their sperm?

I wouldn't want my details passed on. It would put me right off the idea, in fact.
I think it's a bad idea. If two people are in a relationship and want to be named, then that is their choice and they have my blessings...but sometimes, that's not how it works out, and it's better for the mother to be the sole namee (sp).
This government is clueless. Why is it not possible to pass a law which differenciates between the need for a doner to be named and an actual father?

It's ridiculous to expect doners to be named. This will simply create an environment where even fewer people will volunteer samples, just like what happened when they decided to implement the law about every child having the rights to details of their biological father.

Artificial fertilisation techniques are going to be hit hard by this once again. I blame Blair. Nob.
Smells more like one of Browns 'fabulous' ideas to me.

f***ing <strike>communists</strike> lefties...
and with the justice we have around the world (same **** everywhere) you could be charged of alimony just because you are the father ... nice idea ... No it has to remain secret. its a donation, something you do to help people and not a responsability you take. imagin in 20 years 40 people come and say "hey we are all your sons and daughters" ... imagin what you wife and children will say ???? quite disturbing for them ...
I don't trust lawyers with any of this. I'm shocked that anonymity was preserved for as long as it was, without some greedy lawyer finding some poor, sympathetic client who knew her sperm donation came from a doctor, and took it to court, and found out who it was, and demanded a million bucks in back child support (30% of which would go straight to the lawyer, of course . . .)

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