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Simon Cowell organises Haiti Earthquake Charity Single




So, an obscenely wealthy music producer has got a bunch of obscenely wealthy popstars to record a single so that the averagly wealthy British public can club together their money to help the least wealthy people in the Americas.

Makes sense. Hang on, why don't Robbie Williams, Mariah Carey, Simon Cowell et al just make a big donation of their own considerable finances, without forcing the public into listening to (and paying for) their shite music.

In other news:

2009: Fifa accounts reveal they made a £114m single year surplus, boosted by hedge-fund trading, taking total Fifa reserves up to a new high of £559m. "Having healthy reserves," explained Fifa, "is of great importance to our ability to react to unexpected events. This is particularly vital in times of crisis."

2010: Fifa back Haiti; vice-president Jack Warner praises the body's "compassion and generosity" after 30 members of Haiti's Football Federation were killed. "This gesture is a true representation of Fifa's principles," says Jack. "I explained the urgency and the gravity of the situation which has befallen our Caribbean brothers and sisters. As they face their darkest hour, we let them know Fifa is with them."
Fifa donation: £150,000.



Whilst it seems inappropriate to find any humour in this tragedy of epic proportions, the sidebar in TRF displayed the topic as:

"Simon Cowell organizes Haiti Earthquake..."

I couldn't help but smile.

Yes, I am going to hell.


Won't most of the money end up going to the four members of R.E.M who own the songwriting credits?