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Sir Alex Ferguson Retires!


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Apr 9, 2010
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I guess you all have read, or heard that he has announced his retirement yesterday.

What a legend in sport and a true fanatic.

I have the utmost respect for him, and I wish him well. And I'm an Arsenal fan.

Whoever they pick in his place, I wouldn't want to be that guy. How do you even come close to what he did? and to have such a long life at 1 club.
Idd, he's leaving a massive legacy behind but at one time he would have retired anyway. With the rumors of getting Ronaldo back the new coach has a massive team to start with.
Agreed a Liverpool fan but can't argue with what he has done. Can't ever see his legacy surpassed.
A winner through and through. Hopefully Moyes can do even half as well as him.
A winner through and through. Hopefully Moyes can do even half as well as him.

I think he can and in fairness to him he deserves it more than Mourinho.
He has done magical work with no money at Everton. I know Jose has a good record but (excluding Porto who I not too sure about) what team has he managed where there isn't buckets of cash should he need it. Moyes has got recognition based almost solely on coaching skills which is great for Man Utd. However interesting to see how Rooney problem goes.
I'm 22, and all I have ever known is United with Fergie! Tomorrow will be a sad day..... end of a footballing chapter for me. Fergie's last home game in charge of Utd, vs Swansea. END OF AN ERA!!!!

Moyes with money could be interesting :D

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