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Sir Edmund Hillary passes away



announced at 9:00am 11/1/2008, Sir edmund hillary passed away. This man, is a f***ing legend to say the least. He was the first person to climb mt everest, and since then has achieved neumorous other remarkable efforts around nepal, and the antartic in particular. he has spent a substantial part of his life, especially the latter half developing nepals mountanious areas, by building schools, hospitals, roads and bridges and is treated as a 2nd deli lama in come areas.

Due to his international efforts he was created a knight comander of the order of the british empore, in 1953, member of the order of new zealand in 1987 and a order of the garter in 1995. he also became one of the only living people to be printed on currency, by being on the new zealand five dollar note.







"Well George, we finally knocked the ******* off."
Really sad news. He managed to achieve a lot and live a long life. In that alone he has a left behind an example for any New Zealander.
I tip my hat to him.

I remember learing all about him in primary school. Inspiring stuff to say the least.

Congratulations on a fruitful and successful life.
all hail this great man

the king of pioneers - who would have thought in 1953 u could climb everest

only this man could - will leave behind a great legacy
Great man, sad loss. I always wondered though.. once you actually get to the top of the mountain, how'd you get back down again..? you'd probably be absolutely exhausted and nearly dead with frostbite and hypothermia, and then you have to do it all again, but downhill.
A truly great, great man. God bless him.

(I have that 5 dollar bill on my wall at home along with a Cook Island note featuring a topless woman, figure the old guy deserves a bit of fun)
When I think of Ed Hillary, I mean the man no disrespect when I say that I always imagine that he'd somehow taken some words from Gandalf The Grey to heart:

"All you have to decide, is what to do with the time that is given to you", because if a man ever made better use of his years than Ed Hillary, then it's not exaggeration to say that he'd be one in 100 million.
Legend!! He epitomizes what the kiwi bloke should be, just such a great NZ character! great role model, always happy, etc etc etc watched his doco tonight and his life story would make a great movie!!
and dont forget he was the first overland explorer to reach the south pole since robert scotts expedition in 1912. and guess how he did it,

HE DROVE A f***ING TRACTOR THATS HOW. f***ing legend.
A sad loss, but he had a good innings and left behind a hell of a legacy. To achieve things 50 years ago which remain serious challenges despite the modern equipment available today is testament to his strength of character. He will be missed, but certainly never forgotten.
Not sure what he was like as a person, but he certainly has his achievements.

Fair play to him.

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