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Smackdown vs Raw license in limbo?


St Helens RLFC

My sources in the gaming world tell me that the Smackdown vs. Raw license is no longer going to be serviced by THQ. EA are supposedly sniffing around getting the license for their own purposes.

I personally think there is some truth to this - no mention of S vs R 2010 whatsoever as of yet and normally about March/April time they are talking about it. If S vs R 2010 does come out, I can see it being a bit of a rush job. I do however think this will be the last WWE game THQ make.

Time for a change anyway I reckon. The games haven't evolved enough for me in the last 3 or 4 years.
THQ are supposedly putting all their eggs in that basket from here on in.
I agree. This series hasnt gone forward since 06 on the ps2 IMO. While a change may be a good thing, EA are the kings of half arsed games, especially yearly sports based ***les ike the WWE would be. Also being there first attempt at a next WWE game theyd use the whole 'building it from the ground up' excuse to give us very bare bones.

If EA are sniffing around then theyre after an easy buck and fear they will sink this series to new lows.
I wouldn't be surprised if THQ don't pick up the TNA license sometime soon. After all, the SD games are only re-branded ports of Japanese wrestling games.

Nan IMO the series has regularly gone backwards since 2001, peaking with No Mercy on the N64.
Midway are screwed as well, wouldn't surprise me to see someone take over the TNA license as well, agreed.