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So is anyone going to the wrestling in NZ this year?

Fair enough, you're entitled to your opinion Esoj, as is Candyman. I've a sneaky suspicion niether of you will be able to convince the other of the merits of your standpoint, so a truce of agreeing to disagreeing?
Maybe a hug also? Not a fake simulated one, with a lot of hype and commentary behind it either?
yeah we will proabbly never see eye to eye on this so I shall leave it here and give a big hug to candyman on the way out.
Still, you stimulated some conversation.
It was too "Hooray, Wrestling Saved My Soul" til you turned up, lol!
All i was getting at was that its hard to say you despise this when you obviously watch it and of course even i know its fake but there is also some risk invovled in doing these high flying moves, Sure they hype it up but again what sport or sport entertainment doesn't its hard to just judge it on this particular one.
Yeah, it's all meant in fun. Don't worry about it. We all know it takes a lot of skill and working out.

It's a wind-up, thats all :p

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