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Socks down??



I may be playing later and it turns out I don't have any shinpads.

Anyone here ever play socks down and does it hurt as mush as people say?

Should I buy some on my way to the clubhouse?
Depends on what position you're going to play. Anywhere in the front 5 and a pair are worth getting, any other position and it's not really.

I've only ever had one shin injury playing in the backs, and that wasn't very serious. Just tape your socks up to avoid being raked and you're good to go.
By the sounds of it, I may well be on the wing.

You can't wear shin pads playing on the wing!

1 - Harder to run fast (well as fast as you can) in them

2 - Wingers already get enough stick from forwards for standing around not sticking their head in unmentionable places, don't make their job any easier by wearing shin pads.

Who are you playing for just out of interest?
I have no idea who the team is (it's a team a couple of mates on the terrace play for), but I know it's against the Casuals!
Casuals suck. Their ground is low down near lots of water, the club will favour big forwards rolling around in the mud rather than lightning backs.
Unfortunately at 15st myself, I think my youthful speed deamon days are pastme (I only weighted 12st 6 when I was 18 :eek: )

Still, if their backs ae that bad, if I can build up some pace maybe I can do a Lomu!
Well I presume you won't be playing First XV having been roped in last minute, so the backs (yours and theirs) will probably be full of ex-decent clubs level centres who know what they're doing but don't really have the body to move very quickly anymore, and lightweight kids who can't catch.

I love amateur rugby so much...
f'in hell bro! I never bloody play with shin pads, and I always play with my socks down!! most of the time that is... I think socks up nigh is a bit annoying!

but bro, playing sox down isnt painful... it's just about the same man... unless you're planning to stuck some studs on ur shin...

another thing.. you're one of those wingers! who just stick their heads up out of nowhere and somehow scores! I play Flanker and as you all might have known at quite a high level of rugby! so, unless you're a gay winger... dont buy em shin pads!!
Shinguards are for pussies. I've got lovley big bruises up my shins from today CAUSE I'M BLEEDING HARD!
Wot the hell? who wears shin pads while playing rugby?? I never have and im a forward they are for soccer players!!! I agree with fcukernaut. Is it normal in NH to play with them?
Shin pads.. f*** off you dont wear f***ing shin pads for rugby, i dont even wear them for footie... I wouldnt dare wear them for Rugby, get laughed off the pitch...
In soccer people are occasionally kicked in the shins. They're completely unecessary for rugby because people don't kick you, and, further, if you did wear them even once the entire team would always think you're a ********
well I thought thsi was about where you preferred to wear them. . .b/c I always start with them up and finish with them down. My calves were too big, I say were b/c they've shriveled up a bit since I've stopped working out do to an injury, and the socks cut off circulation or would go all the way up. Now they they on my chicken legs. As for shin guards. . .are you serious?
Hey guys newbie to the forum here, anyway as far as shinpads go...WTF never heard of ANYONE wearing them on a rugby field and with the socks down, the same thing happens to me as shsu_rugger, up at the start (looking respectable and all) but as play goes on they tend to fall down.
just tape them up then fold them over

thats what i do to make sure mine dont fall down..
just tape them up then fold them over

thats what i do to make sure mine dont fall down..

I used to do that until i realized how sloppy i look on the field anyway and just said **** it to it.

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