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Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by jinxed_nz, Nov 13, 2005.

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    So i was thinking we have a lot of english/ european people in these forums and do any of you know when socom 3 comes out in your neck of the wood because no one seems to know for cirten here (NZ). Ive got socom 2 and that is the only saving grace from me getting rid of my PS2 network because most ps2 online games are sub par.
    The only other game thats fun online i find is V8 super cars (toca race driver) dose anyone else share the view that Playstation need to kick things up a huge level in the PS3 to get close to what the XBOX360 is offering, and dont take this as a fan boy talking because it deffinatly isnt.
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  3. I don't think the PS2 is anywhere near the Xbox performance wise, but on reputation and money/sales they are leading. Not for much longer though, Xbox have/are catching/cought up with them big time.

    I agree that the PS3 will have to be special to beat the 360. But they do have an advantage, they will have longer to see what the 360 can doand what they can do to improve the console to overpower it. I cannot see it happening either way, the Xbox beat's the PS2, and the follow-up won't be much different.
  4. bman2112

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    I currently play the following on-line.

    1. Socom 2
    2. Toca
    3. Battlefront.

    To be honest - only Socom 2 is really worth it's wieght in gold!

    As for Socom 3, last i heards was early New Year, even thought the Yanks have it now!
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