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some in-game footage

looks good lora ...

... scotland in white shorts tho? ... not liking that
Am I missing something... where did you get footage Lora? Haven't got it already have you?
Originally posted by loratadine@Feb 6 2006, 09:44 PM
i aint got it - but one of my mates from cardiff have - he has links
Ah well, good stuff anyway... have you played it? Any thoughts on it from what you've seen/played?
Yeah everyone thinks we play in white shorts, despite we've only worn white ones for the 2004 games and we reverted back to navy in summer of 2005. Tis a bit annoying, though I won't get hung up on that.
i aint played it - but ive seen plenty of action - and it looks very promising - i wouldnt like to give too much more than that as ive only saw others play it and not actually played it myself.
Couple of things, the guy diving away from the ball carrier in the centre and the hunting pack of about 13 players (it seems) chasing the ball carrier. Wierd.
How come One Vision by Queen was playing in the clip? Is it in the game? Can you play music whilst playing the game or something?