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Guys, anyone know who sings that "oooh, ooh baby.. hoo.. haa... I wanna knowwww... if u'd be my girl!?"
and this OZ song, but its' not waltzing matilda.. damn it i forgot what it's called... i reckon its an oldie...
nope, its not that... its not jet.. i am 100% sure it isnt... Jet says "will you be my girl" not "i wanna know if u want to be my girl"
Well the most recent version was DJ Otzi (sp?) called Hey Baby.

It's not Jet, that's Are You Gonna Be My Girl?.
Vaguely reminds me of a Split Enz song... also sounds like that Rollercoaster song from that Ronan Guy.
i know exactly what your talking about. its got that ad with the cars playing soccer. and they play it at school balls and **** and every one goes "HOO. HAA"
yes!!! DJ OTZI it is..!!!
one down, one more to go... its an OZ song.. damn ozzies...
Saints Fan Webby is 100% right. It was originally done by Engelbert Humperdink believe it or not.
The Wiggles??


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