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Sorry Boks



But after seeing this rubbish;

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You lose all claims to the Webb Ellis trophy :p

That's is lads, everyone back to France, we have to start again! B)
inspirational lol. its like halo and planet of the apes crammed into a movie. with this add its no wonder they won
It's actually a mix between 300 and the Hulk, with a bit of Transformers thrown in.

We lose all claims to the Webb Ellis? Nice :p But you're right, you can't make a commercial like that for England. Boks run on all fours, but roses just... stand there. What a fun ad that would be.
Obviously the South Africans would win, look, the other team have about 50,000 people. Thats like 49,985 too many on a rugby field and they'd have to forefit!
Yep, that ad caused a fair amount of embarrasment whenever it was screened down here. The beginning is rather cool - but God man, when they start jumping around like frogs, it becomes excrutiating! There was an article about it in the national Sunday paper, where the writer continued..."The pinnacle of the whole sorry saga is when John Smit screams 'Tonight, we conquer!" ...Talk about singing for one's supper"
lolol the idea is great but that green suits and the jumps in the final kill it
They'll be getting plenty of cash for this but i agree it is a bit err.. cheesy :lol:
Isn't any worse than Adidas Bottles of Dirt Promotion.

Yeah that dirt, or 1,171 All Blacks of this Earth, campaign was painful. As were the "Believe in Black" ones, not to mention the other ridiculous "All Black figurines from all participating Mobil outlets" ones, and as we're in the mood those Ford ones, Weet Bix ones and the general tv3 ones were all irritating. I seriously think there were AT LEAST 10 ads promoting our RWC campaign, boy did they come to a crashing halt in the end. :lol:
Nike were onto a good one where they had huge center fold spreads of the England team standing on the white cliffs of dover facing outwards with the caption "not without a fight" was pretty good.
Trust the Boks to do something like this. I remember watching another advertisement make by the Springb oks playing against a lowly club side, it was a funny thing.

It's a mix between 300, some sort of superhero movie and Spartacus.

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