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Hey guys,

Today marks the end of my 6 week ban.
I just want to say sorry to those i acted ill toward.

Big of you to say that. I wasn't one that you did though.

I'm not sure if they'd want you to start a thread on it though. So, don't get ****** if one of the Mods delete this thread.

So, hope your going to chill out and have a good time.
Its alright if they delete this thread. Aslong as someone accepted my apology.
No Worries Mate

Welcome Back and behave I dont like using the Iron Fist but sometimes its neccessary...
It doesnt really matter, if u read the previous posts ud find out who flashed it lol. I abused people simple as that, my bad. I've learnt my lesson :)
haha mouth of the south u say. Oh well atleast us southerners can play rugby :)...hmmmm if this continues maybe we should move this discussion to another topic caledfwlch

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