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Southland vs Canterbury



Anyone know the result?

I couldnt go to it cos I spent all my hard earned money already :(
Sh*t that's repectable, I realise a team of young Cantabrians, but still...
Anyone know how the Stags went against Tasman yesterday? Can't find a result anywhere.
I would have said Canterbury will have a pretty decent team given the world cup circumstances.

All they really lack is another quality winger, which isn't the most important position to have experience.

The forward pack, which was lacking a bit last year, will be quite strong after playing a good part of the super 14 without thier AB's (K.Read, M.Paterson, I.Ross etc)
We've had a pretty solid pre-season.

We won against Tasman, can't remember the score, and just lost narrowly to Otago and Canterbury.

Bring on Hawkes Bay next weekend for the real games :D

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