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My wife suprised me with an early Birthday Present tonight...tickets for two to see Monty Python's Spamalot. It was brilliant. I can't be complimentary enough. If it comes to where you live, or near where you live, I say go and see it.
<div align="center">"Always look on the bright side of life."</div>
You lucky, lucky *******!

I'll have to make to do with;

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Or thaere's this one...

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its been playin here in cleveland for a few weeks if i remember, didnt go to it though, felt it wouldnt be funny
St Helens RLFC, getofmeland and Teh Mite meet up in London for Spamalot?
Argh, damn it!
Now i have to go watch The Holy Grail!

Don't tease me like that, one clip is all i need, and i have to overdose on some python until i'm spent!
St Helens RLFC, getofmeland and Teh Mite meet up in London for Spamalot? [/b]

That could be a plan. ~Than again, once I've had a few beers and fancy a rant, I only need to turn on TRF to Spamalot.

And now, I'm going to cook some spam for my dinner.

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