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Spies is out



Saffas i bring bad news, Pierre is out of the WC with clots in his lungs. A loss but only a Bulls fan would say a MAJOR loss, theres still Juan, Pakslae and Bobby to cover but still who do you guys think should be brought in?

Being narrow-minded and biased i say Kankwoski because he deserves it but i can see Cronje sneaking in the sly devil. Hopefully P3 will be left to get sin binned in SA.

Your thoughts?
Heard this morning on the radio he's out. Kankowski won't get in, will probably see Cronje getting in, but I would like to see Pedrie getting a chance.
Gutted by this- would`ve loved to see what the Spies can do at the RWC. The obvious choice`ll be Cronje, as he`s the only loosie officially on standby, shite hands and all. Would`ve liked to see either Ernst Joubert or Kankowski get the nod. But please Bull, Pedrie? That lad`s a walking card machine. Got game time in 4 tests for the Boks this year, and left with 3 yellow cards in the process. Just how many chances you want him to have?


Luke Watson or Kankowski?
Yes saw this on the Rugby News over here. Pretty much bad news, One must feel for this guy...

From a kiwi perspective...Id like to see Luke watson in there or even Ernst Joubert :cheers:
and reports so far is that he might not be allowed to play any contact sport EVER again.....not even netball.
they have picked du plessis to backup as a 3rd hooker

i am happy with his selection, but would have loved them to call up AJ or Kankowski!
Massive loss for SA,
he was looking good.

SA will still be dangerous in the RWC though.
Pierre Spie is one of the best no. 8 in the world and he hasn't even reached his peak it will be a great loss for South Africa and for the RWC
that's gonna be a big blow for s.a., considering the group they're in. i saw his try against england in the second test when he broke every tackle, and it's pretty obvious he's gonna be missed.
thank god this guy is out he wud have killed england by himself in the group at least now some of the other SA players will have to do summat
He will be missed, definately. His speed and power at the back of the scrum is awesome. And his running from broken play can turn a game.

At least Danie Rossouw is there as a backup. He plays well with Fourie du Preez on scrumhalf, and he is just as strong, although not as fast as Spies. Plus he gives another lineout option, plus he can cover on lock should one of them get injured, meaning more options on the bench as well.
I am very sad. I watch the news everyday but it looks like spies is out.
But he will be back and you know what happends when he returns........
I am very sad. I watch the news everyday but it looks like spies is out.
But he will be back and you know what happends when he returns........ [/b]

i dunno what happends? utelme? :bana:
At practice he cough blood.
His blood is to thick and that can effect a hard attack
(how about some rep for the info)
what if the opposition had a hard defence? would that be sufficient enough to counter a hard attack?

how bout noooooo scott