Sportsmania - Public appearance by 2003 World Cup members and other sports stars

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    With thanks to getofmeland for permission to post this:

    Sportsmania, the premier event for sports fans everywhere, coming to thecentre:mk, Milton Keynes on 23rd and 24th June 2007!

    Sports legends from past and present will be meeting the public, signing autographs and having photos taken at the event. Highlights include 8 members of the England 1966 World Cup Winning Squad in attendance, as well as 4 members of the England 2003 Rugby World Cup winning squad. Also appearing are Mat Le Tissier, Steve Perryman, Ossie Ardiles, Ricky Villa, Pat Jennings, Norman Whiteside, Frank Bruno, Henry Cooper and Steve Davis. (A full list of sports personailities in attendance is below).

    Sportsmania is free to get into, and is a unique opportunity to meet your sporting heroes one on one and get an autograph from them, or a photograph with them. There will be a special photo shoot with all 8 members of the 1966 England World Cup Winning squad, which is something definitely not to be missed! In addition there will be many other photo shoots happening over the course of the weekend.

    Full information can be found on the website <> . Keep an eye on the chat forum linked to the website for all the latest up to the minute information, or just to chat with other people that will be attending the show. It also contains a full list of appearance days and photo session times.

    Sportsmania is expected to attract thousands of people over the weekend and is the first dedicated event of its kind. If you're a fan or sport then Sportsmania is the place to be!


    Gordon Banks OBE - Appearing Both Days (Saturday from 2pm)
    Jack Charlton OBE - Appearing Both Days
    George Cohen MBE - Appearing Both Days
    Ray Wilson MBE - Appearing Both Days
    Nobby Stiles MBE - Appearing Both Days
    Roger Hunt MBE - Appearing Both Days (Saturday from 2pm)
    Martin Peters MBE - Appearing Both Days
    Sir Geoff Hurst MBE - Appearing Both Days (Sat from 2.45pm & Sun from 12.30)
    Ben Cohen MBE - Appearing Both Days
    Steve Thompson MBE - Appearing Both Days
    Matt Dawson MBE - Appearing Both Days
    Kyran Bracken - Appearing Both Days
    Jimmy Greaves - Appearing Both Days
    Frank Bruno - Appearing Both Days
    Henry Cooper - Appearing Both Days
    Virginia Wade - Appearing Sunday Only
    Steve Davis - Appearing Sunday Only
    Dean Holdsworth - Appearing Both Days
    Matt Le Tissier - Appearing Saturday Only
    Steve Perryman - Appearing Both Days
    Ron 'Chopper' Harris - Appearing Both Days
    Pat Jennings - Appearing Both Days
    Norman Whiteside - Appearing Sunday Only
    Geoff Capes - Appearing Saturday Only
    John Conteh - Appearing Both Days
    Bob Champion - Appearing Both Days
    John H Stracey - Appearing Both Days
    Derek Redmond - Appearing Both Days
    Ossie Ardiles - Appearing Both Days
    Ricardo Villa - Appearing Both Days
    Hunter (Gladiator) - Appearing Saturday Only
    Panther (Gladiator) - Appearing Saturday Only
    Rhino (Gladiator) - Appearing Saturday Only
    Scorpio (Gladiator) - Appearing Saturday Only
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