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Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by Bullitt, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. Bullitt

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    The Leaders of the world are asking for your support to combat terrorism and we are being encouraged to demonstrate against these terrorists this Friday at 15:00 hours. It is a well-known fact that Al-Qaeda are against alcohol consumption and think it is sinful to look at a naked woman. Therefore, at 15:00 hours this Friday, all women should run naked through the office while men chase them with a beer in their hands. This is the best way to show our disgust for Al-Qaeda and will hopefully help us in detecting the terrorists amongst us, so anybody who does not do as proposed will be deemed a terrorist, denounced to the world and shot. Thank you.
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  3. You are right...a stand must be taken, our way of life must be defended!
  4. typical white people...always hate the blackman becoz of his gigantic dick...

    WHEN WILL THIS STOP!!!!!!!!!
  5. The Flash

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    Typical Black People - The real racists.

    Oh, thats right I don't really believe that, I'm just exercising the same pathetic use of freedom of speech that I see above.

    It is possible to offend white people too you know. Joking or not.

    Oh yeah, I'll tack on "lol" so I show I'm joking too and get away with anything, lol.

    Any mod, feel free to delete mine and Chiros posts. I won't on principle.
  6. The Flash

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    To move back to Teh's first post. I actually got a similar e-mail ages ago at work. If only the western way of life was like that every week.
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