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Stacey jones rugby league



hello evrybody.i ve been in england this summer and there i discovered the rugby league....(im italian) . now i found out a rugby league game for ps2 and pc that u all surely know: stacey jones rugby league. But somewhere i read this game have many slow downs with the ps2 version, and i really hate slow downs.Can somebody say me if they really exist ,and if u can, suggest me the better version to buy.thanx a lot
I got the pc & xbox version of Stacey Jones Rugby league & i can't asy i notice any slowdown.

I got a half decent pc, i don't notice any slow down.

Go and see if you can rent the ps2 version from a video shop, like Blockbuster for example & see whether or not you want to buy it
Don't get it on PS2 unless your computer is shithouse, the frame-rate on the PS2 version is very slow.

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