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State of Origin 2014 - Game III


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Date: July 9th
Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane​

Game III is tomorrow. The Blues have won the series already, finally breaking Queensland's 8 year reign, so this game is a "dead rubber". All the same, there will be plenty of interest in this match as NSW still only won by the narrowest of margins and a loss would undermine their success so far. Moreover, they'll receive the trophy, so they'll be keen to do it after a win.

1. Billy Slater
2. Darius Boyd
3. Greg Inglis
4. Justin Hodges
5. Will Chambers
6. Johnathan Thurston
7. Cooper Cronk
8. Jacob Lillyman
9. Cameron Smith
10. Nate Myles
11. Aidan Guerra
12. Sam Thaiday
13. Corey Parker

14. Daly Cherry-Evans, 15. Ben Te’o, 16. Matt Gillett, 17. Dave Taylor, 18. Josh McGuire, 19. Michael Morgan


1. Jarryd Hayne
2. James McManus
3. Josh Dugan
4. Josh Morris
5. Daniel Tupou
6. Josh Reynolds
7. Trent Hodkinson
8. Aaron Woods
9. Robbie Farah
10. Paul Gallen
11. Ryan Hoffman
12. Beau Scott
13. Greg Bird

14. James Tamou, 15. Trent Merrin, 16. Boyd Cordner, 17. Luke Lewis
I will check the highlights, busy day at work so not really any realistic odds of following the game live
Overal good game and please to see the Marroons fighting back.

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Great game. Convincing win still sour in that NSW won the series
NSW let in some really soft tries in the end after some very good defence early. Looked almost like they just stopped caring and wanted to hurry up and get to the ceremony.


Why would you be sour NSW won the series? You're a kiwi and Qld have won 8 straight!

Anyway, we've won the series so I don't much care really - especially now that the 'Tahs will be heading up there in a few days to grind Queensland into the dirt in Super Rugby :D .
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Like I said before one time on here. Never been to Queensland but when origin is on, im a QUEENSLANDER!!
I still don't understand... but whatever :p.

Although I will grant you they have a much classier kit this year. The Waratahs have the Blue version of it essentially, but the message is clear that simplicity looks better than overly elaborate and messy designs (like those on the NSW Origin Jersey).
Its Origin, those who truly get into Origin are either NSW or Queensland supporters. If you dont support either than your not in the spirit of it. Im sure theres plenty out there outside of Austrailia who have never been to Austrailia but come Origin time you'd think they're from there, Im one of those. I guess people like me is important for the growth of the game outside of Austrailia, although Origin is suppose to be a Kangaroo representitive trial, its now a beautiful event that Austrailia shares with League fans all over the world.
Origin is an incredible event in its ability to generate so much interest, passion and on-field drama. We all love it here, but at the same time I think it sorta sucks we can't have that sort of rivalry at the international level with the English and Kiwi teams... NZ is tricky because there's such a small pro presence there, but England ought to be more competitive than they are.

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