Steyn is off to France

Discussion in 'International Test Matches' started by Steve-o, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. Steve-o

    Steve-o Guest

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    Good for him, bad for the Sharks. 3 Years is a long time and he might of just messed up his chances of playing in the next WC by adding that 1 extra year. Time will tell.
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  3. dundeesmiffy

    dundeesmiffy Guest

    Ach, hopefully rugby will get with the times a bit more and let players who don't play in the country play for their country by then...wishful thinking.

    *leaves horse to die*

    Good for him though, it can only benefit him as a player and hopefully it doesn't mess up his international chances.
  4. Thingimubob

    Thingimubob Guest

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    Ah it is understandable why the rule is there, we don;t want a Football type situation ruining the International Stage.
    Please, let's not get into another one of the 'NH stealing SH players!!!' arguement now though
    They're getting a bit old...
    Don't quite understand this move, he's 22 and already wants to 'experience a new country', I mean it's the equivalent of Halfpenny moving to Japan to play his rugby (kind of anyway)
  5. Steve-o

    Steve-o Guest


    Nuff said
  6. dundeesmiffy

    dundeesmiffy Guest

    Tbh, the only reason football is such a riot is because it's not regulated. I think it's another example of stoicism holding rugby back.
    I also do not doubt for a second the money was a part of it but I wouldn't be so cynical as to say it was his only motivation.
  7. feicarsinn

    feicarsinn Guest

    Well you do think hes a 22 year old kid who wants to get out and see the world, it's not that unusual. Maybe it's like a long J1 to him or something
  8. Thingimubob

    Thingimubob Guest

    yeah, like a gap year from Uni I guess, or if you're studyng languages, a year in a foreign country, three in Steyns case :p .
    Sorry, I have Uni's on the is going nuts about applications atm...
  9. Cymro

    Cymro Guest

    Good move for him, he'll come back a better player
  10. monkeypigeon

    monkeypigeon Guest

    Racing Metro? French Legaues.... He'll come back rick and obsessed with starting fights...and since he's both South African and plainying in France he won't be able to touch the bakk without going for a dropgoal.
  11. Jer1cho

    Jer1cho Guest

    He isn't leaving because of the money. He is leaving because he can't take the media, or the fans here. All anyone can ever do is criticize him, swear at him, and hate him when he screws up. Nobody stood by this guy when hew was playing. We chased him away. Then everyone still says he went for the money. Bullshit. He wants to play rugby. Good on him, and hopefully he gets the respect he deserves there.
  12. Woldog

    Woldog Guest

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    He does that already...
  13. Steve-o

    Steve-o Guest

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Jer1cho @ Jun 12 2009, 07:31 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
    Sure it must one of the factors but surely not be the major factor. Steyn is part of the new ultra professional generation of rugby players and is looking at his career longevity and salary more than loyalty and expectations imo.

    I'm sure while Racing Metro's coach was sympathizing with Steyn with all the stress he has, he slipped him a contract worth 4 times his current one just because he's such a nice guy. Yeah right. Steyn is looking after his own interests and rightly so.

    Yes pro rugby players are under pressure. Schalk Burger won the IRB world player of the year when he was 21, he has been under pressure ever since to perform. Steyn brought a lot of the pressure on himself by being demanding and individualist.
  14. Sir Speedy

    Sir Speedy Guest

    Think the move will benefit him long term, but missing the World Cup could be a huge mistake. Then again, he's already won it once. Why should he care?

    He'll come back richer and wiser and more importantly, richer. Good for him. No Heineken Cup rugby for him though, unless Racing go one further than Toulon did with their big spending by actually making it in two years.
  15. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    He's going to miss the World Cup? He will have missed the boat somewhat then. I agree with Sir Speedy that that may have been a bit of a mistake.

    Its only a year or so away, why not just wait until it was over before moving to France? Seems like he can't wait to get away which is a huge shame :(
  16. Sir Speedy

    Sir Speedy Guest

    Jericho said he's signed a three year contract, though there's no mention of that in the article. If that's true then I believe he's going to miss the WC.
  17. candybum

    candybum Guest

    Why will he miss the WC? (assuming he's playing well enough) i thought SA can select players who play their trade outside SA? not like NZ or Aus
  18. QLD

    QLD Guest

    Are overseas based players still eligible for the South African team?
  19. candybum

    candybum Guest

    Thought so, didn't they pick Matfield and Percy when they weren't playing in SA?
  20. Steve-o

    Steve-o Guest

    Not exactly. When Smit & Matfield got selected for the Boks they both just finished their stay in France and had taken up contracts with the Sharks & Bulls respectively. I think their intent to back to SA helped their cause.
    Although now that I think back was James selected a number of times last year even though he has stated he'll see out his career there.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention that Percy also signed a contract with WP on his return so he was one of the players who wanted to come back.
  21. candybum

    candybum Guest

    So they don't need to play provincially before join the national team ala the AB's.
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