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Discussion in 'Super Rugby' started by munross, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. munross

    munross Guest

    The Stormers surely have the best defense in the Super 14 this year, leaking only 4 tries in 5 games so far this season.

    With this defense they can surely make the semi's and hopefully the final too.

    Nonu and Smith got taught a lesson today from de Jongh and Fourie, both in attack and defense.Think that blop against the Brumbies was just what the Stormers needed to wake them up and I'm 99% sure that they will go all the way this season.
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  3. Moonfire

    Moonfire Guest

    This game was awesome.

    It showed the Stormers knew what was working and what wasn't and tried to fix it.

    I'm just a bit worried about the scrums...

    Jaque Fourie, Duvenhage,Grant,Naql... (youknowwho) and De Jongh was brilliant.

    Andries Bekker! The next Matfield surely.

    We all know what's going to happen though.

    Springbok selectors will use the Sharks **** front row and Adrian Jacobs. I won't really mind if they use Kirchner, but the Sharks front row and Jacobs?

    We're screwed.
  4. Boggle

    Boggle Guest

    Oh how I wish I could have watched the game.

    I've been harping on it for ages now, but once again, proof that the Super 14 can provide some -astounding- defense.
    Add to this that the Brumbies really only won that game against them on an intercept try (which is a feat in itself, but still more often than not due to player error), it's fantastic to see how the Stormers are systematically destroying everyone with that sheer cliff of theirs.

    Keep up the brilliant defense, and we might very well surprise a lot of punters.
  5. cyRil

    cyRil Guest

    I've been impressed with de Jongh when I've seen him play. Surely a better bet than Jacobs in the national side? Saying that, I'm probably a better bet than Jacobs...
  6. yeah bekker is a pretty class player actually... anyone seen the video of him cleaning up a scrap by picking up on opponent in each hand and just letting them calm down for a few seconds....they did...
  7. stormer2010

    stormer2010 Guest

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Opperstopper @ Mar 14 2010, 12:15 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
    You can add Ruan Pienaar and JP Pietersen to that list as well as Smitty as a prop.

  8. Boggle

    Boggle Guest

    Ok, so that's one of the best starts to a season I've ever seen from the Stormers, and so they head into their well deserved break with 5 wins from 6 (and they came oh so very close to getting them all) with only 5 tries conceded and 59 points against them.

    That's right, 59 points in 6 matches, that's less than 10 points per match, the second best team defensively was the saders with 122 points conceded, that's TWICE as much.

    massive points difference as well at 102, a bit frustrated that we didn't get the bonus point against the Cheetahs, but they always make the game difficult for the Stormers.

    So now we head on tour to face the Force, Blues, Chiefs and Reds.

    Personally I'm most worried about the Reds game, the Blues and Chiefs seem about equally dangerous at the moment, being able to produce spectacular games when needed, but it's no doubting (at this stage) that the Reds are going to be the hardest match of the tour.
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