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Stormers looking at Dean's for coach?

Hmmm well I heard he was interested in coaching in SA at one point.

It would make me very happy, a team like the Stormers with a coach like Dean means semis each year.


Bloody much better than the coach we have now.
If Deans is confirmed as Stormers coach, it won`t just make my day, week or year- it`ll make my entire decade, heck even the whole millenium worthwhile! I have a great admiration for Deans, what he`s done with the Crusaders is just phenomenal, and he`ll surely be able to reproduce that with the talent available at the Stormers.

Now, please excuse me while I offer up 250 Hail Mary`s!
its all hearsay at the moment


he has been linked to the tahs and the wallabies. but hasnt announced anything and he may not even leave the franchise

who knows.

when he does leave i will be sad, but be happy for him at the same time. he has done wonders for the team winning 4 super ***les. if he wants to go he will go out on a winner and will help whoever he decides to coach as well.

updated report

Dean is a top coach and if he went to the stormers would do wonders their especially with the talent there.
Anyway, until this rumour is officially confirmed or denied, I`ll keep up the Hail Mary`s- I`m up to 500 a night. Please Robbie, if ever you needed to take on a challenge, this is it!

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