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strategy and tactics in rucks, mauls, line out,.../suggestions or ideas


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Jun 3, 2010
i think before move the ball in a ruck/scrum,... it would be well you can choose between some options (like madden series), depending the result, the pitch position, if you have sin binned or sent off players,...

an example, in a ruck, choice the player who move the ball (scrum-half, a back row, fly-half,...)

there is already a thread for suggestions and another one for rucks i think.
this idea is silly and would slow the game down a hell of alot. the reason you can do this in Madden is because it's not a continuous sport. you make one tackle then everyone resets...
Unfortunately this would slow the game down way too much because you'd pick your play than still have the 4 stage scrum to go through.

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