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Stronghold 3


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May 1, 2010
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I don't know if you guys remember the first Stronghold, but it was, and still is a pretty awesome game. The sequel sucked (of course it did) but apparently in Q&A I read (will find the link for you guys a bit later) the developers are saying they realized their mistakes with the second game and are going back to the first one, and it's chock full of awesome features. I'm a sucker for fortresses and big castles and building huge stone middle-fingers to invading armies.

It's also being released soon, can't bloody wait. Decent games at last!
Your food stocks are dwindling my lord :D

can't wait for it. It's October 14, isn't it?
October 25, can't wait!
stronghold crusader was epic but stronghold 2 was crap and didnt work on my computer
Stronghold 2 was crap, but the awesome thing is the guys who made it said in the Q&A: Yeah we know it was crap, and Stronghold 1 was awesome. So we're going back to our roots but still making a new game.

Basically, that's what he meant anyway.
and yet Stronghold 3 is crap too... Why do they have to make great strategies 3D??? All of the great games are 2d : Age of Empires, Red Alert, Stronghold and so much more.... What happened when they made it 3D?? Red Alert 3 is crap, AoE 3 is crap and now Stronghold 3 is crap.... seriously, it's a strategy game, eye candy doesn't matter!!!
Never played any of the stronghold series, but I agree on AoE, AoE II and AoM being superb games
Same with the early Command and Conquer games - spent many an hour on Red Alert, Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2

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