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Stupid question



Do you know what the hell does locks put on their legs ????

Sorry for my inculture
I'm not sure what you mean mate. Do you mean the tape and bandages or the kind of shaving gel if they are feeling Gavinesque?
You mean all of that tape? I figure that it helps the lifters get a good grip on them when they lift them up at lineouts. And sometimes some of the other loosies have lots of tape as well but only if they get used at lineout time.

And remember there is no such thing as a stupid question - only stupid people!
they're just normal tapes mate, and u can either put bundles of tissue/tapes/sponge/anything soft under the tape so the lifters have sumthing to grip and lift em better. they're not just for locks though.. they're for anyone who's lifted... myself included.. sumtimes...
that roll of tape and the bulge above the knees is called the lifting bone.... im still not sure what the hell the lump is made of thought, so i just my mates to lift me by my shorts, not a pretty sight when the cuties walk by, itr bloody killls mt\y g\cred, but i digress..

so anyway, it for the lifters to aid in pushing the jumpes up even higher in line out contests
YEA! lifting bone... man, lifting by the shorts is NOT right, well lifting the shorts from the front isnt... even without the lifting bone ur lifters are supposed to be able to lift u from the leg...
you get more height from the leg anyway.

but i am not sure if that is what he means, i am thinking he is thinking about a knee brace or somehting? i cant recall seeing any though.
I wear a knee support for when I play but its got to the point where I struggle to play now a days.. Although my support was used for lifting as well..
of course shorts lifting is wrong! but i'm a damn club player not a international(twobit) haha kidding mate

i'm going back to my old junior college tmr to play a game of 7s exhibition match. its a co cirricular activity exhibition day. and the whole new cohort of year 1s will be there, lifting by the shorts will SERIOUSLY damge my cred! any suggestion? other than freeballing that is
thanks, i was talking abuot the tape, i knew thata but i`ve seen that they have something inside, what you call the lifting bone.

thanks for your answers.
I once used the tape on my right leg because my hamstrings hurt (to try and use it in the same mannor compression shorts work if you've pulled your groin).

It didn't work.

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