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    I have made a dedicated thread for this. People are making suggestions in the original thread and I think they could get lost in there. Use this thread to post your ideas about the up and coming game. Please keep them sensible - "Rugby with the FIFA engine" won't wash, for example.

    HB ARE watching and may well choose to contribute at any given time. I strongly suggest if you have made a suggestion in the previous thread, you copy and paste your idea into this thread as a new post. This is your chance to get your voice heard. Keep it logical, keep it thoughtful, and make it count!

    Edited by C A Iversen
    Collected Rugby 2012 Thoughts:

    Gameplay Thoughts:
    Ruck control improvements
    Quicker kicking animations
    Slight limitations on larger punters and enhancement of smaller punters
    Set play enhancements
    Another lineout throw option (from 3 to 4)
    More tackling options, or at least improved animations
    Scrum control (turn that works, intentional dive which will occasionally not concede a penalty)
    Referee on the field (also may make errors - perhaps an options slider for this)
    Weather which may actually have an effect on the game.
    Gameplay options to tweak some rules, for a more simulation feel or arcade play.

    Online Thoughts:
    Multiplayer online
    Roster updates (if absolutely necessary users would possibly pay for this)
    Patches for killer errors, like the '06 France injury one, and the general '08 injury one.

    Statistical And DatabaseThoughts:
    Improved player database accuracy
    Playing positions being editable
    More licenses for competitions, players etc.
    Allow for mods/easy editing of kits/ faces/teams via usb stick.
    Create your own team for World League and take them to the top.

    More of your condensed suggestions will be added to this end of the thread at a later time. :)
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    Online play!
    Improved kicking (notably grubbers, chips ahead and dropgoals) - also, speed up the kicking animation, it's too easy to get tackled mid-kick, something i can't really recall happening in a professional game
    Another lineout option would be cool (throwing to the first man in the line)
    If it's only on consoles (so can't be modded) roster updates would be nice (though i can understand why they wouldn't, if they're planning on releasing a game every year or so)
    Tackling - More tackling animations/types would be good. Someone was talking about a "quick" tackle and a "strong" tackle, sort of like in fighting games you've got quick and strong attacks, with the strongs being slower but more effective.
  4. Darhf

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    - We want depth in the gameplay department, since we will have to play it for 4 years before another rugby game will ever be produced

    So :

    - Control at the ruck
    - Scrum control (rotate, intentional dive)
    - Design your own scrum/lineout strategies (along with player placement)
    - Don't put the same 3 repetitive set pieces , it's better to integrate fake calls and cross passes into the standard control scheme
    - or at least include a set piece editor
    - Imperfect referees who don't see everything (and make it optional)
    - Weather conditions with real impact on gameplay (strong wind in perpignan !)
    - Licences, licences, licenses.
    - Patch if a gameplay flaw is detected
    - Allow for mods / easy editing of kits / faces / teams via usb stick (on PS3 at least)
    - Allow for modifications of rules
    - Multiplayer
    - Make your own 3rd division club and bring it to the top

    You can delegate stats and tracking of rugby players to the community (us) .
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    Apr 1, 2010

    Attacking Game play features that should be in a decent rugby game.

    1) Running moves that should be included:
    - Side step > Left and Right on the right analog stick (Madden 10)
    - Trucking (Dropping the shoulder) > Forward on the right analog stick (Madden 10)
    - Fake kick > Down on the right analog stick
    - Spin out of tackle > Rotate right analog stick (Madden 10)
    - Dummy pass > L2 (Left trigger) + pass button ( L1 [Left bumper] or R2 [Right bumper] )
    - Hand-off > L2 (Left Trigger) + Left or Right on the right analog stick
    [All of these moves should depend on the players stats, such as skill, speed and strength]

    2) Kicking-meter ( like the one used in Fifa games to determine the power of your shot) that allows the player to determine the power of the kick. The longer you hold down the
    kick button the more likely that it will be charged down. Player stats should also play a role in the distance of kicks.
    Use the right analog stick for drop goals and kickoffs (Madden 10).

    3) Pass-meter ( like
    the one used in Fifa games) that allows the player to do skip-passes, by holding the pass button down longer. Lob passes by tapping the pass button.
    Off-loading in the tackle is a must, since it is such a big part of the game. (Similar to JLR).

    4) Set-play creater: Create set-plays by selecting a player and running a line with him thus setting his movement in the set-play. (Similar to the one in Fifa 10)

    5) Line-outs > Use the right analog stick [As mentioned by other] (Down on the analog and then Forward on the analog stick to through. The direction the analog stick end
    when pressing forward should determine the direction of the through). Being able to select any jumper when competing for opposition ball and move him and the support players [lifters] to the desired location, where you expect the ball to go. Being able to start a maul from a line-out is also important.

    6) Scrums: Should be competitive and should be determined by the teams combined scrummaging stats. Using the right analog stick [As mentioned by other]
    (Push the analog stick in the direction of your team, hold it until the referee says ingage and then you flick the analog stick in the direction of the opposition. If you flick the stick to early you get blown for early ingagement.)

    7) Better AI of players around the ball-carrier. Support player should run different lines and angles and run of the shoulder of the ball-carrier.

    8) Each team should have their own style of play as in real life. Teams such as the Crusaders should run the ball more than other teams. Teams such as the Bulls should keep
    the ball under the forwards until the opportunity arises to spread the ball. The teams from the Northern hemisphere should play differently to the teams from the
    Southern hemisphere. Sliders used in the Fifa games should be used.

    9) Improve the ruck and maul situation. Bing able to choose if the player should join the ruck or pick-up-and-go.
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    • Depth in competitions is a must. This means Rugby World Cups, Six Nations, Tri (Four) Nations, Lions tours, Super 15, Currie Cup, ANZ Cup, Guinness Premiership, Anglo-Welsh Cup, Magners League, Heineken Cup and Challenge Cup. GET THESE LEAGUES LICENSED! A Game mode which allows a player to control a club through many seasons, in all these competitions, making signings and developing players is very important. (as in Fifa 10 - Manager Mode)
    • A data-editor so that you can edit stats, appearances, club, positions etc.
    • Online play
    • Regular updates/patches so teams stay up to date.
    In terms of gameplay:

    • Scrums must be dealt with better. The side that dominates should be able to win penalties/free kicks if they scrum better.
      - players performance in the scrum should be based on the point that they engage, the angle that they engage and the players they have on their team, compared with who they are scrumming against. If a side bores in or engages too early penalties/free kicks should be given too.
    • Stealing ball should be harder, there are too many turnovers. More opportunities in the ruck, for example 'Killing the ball' and 'hands in the ruck' are the only offenses in Rugby 08, but side-entering, off your feet and holding on are not penalised.
    • The suggestions on set-pieces, lineouts and running (e.g. hand offs/sidesteps) should be implemented too.
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    Totally agree with the attacking options/moves. Would love to see a variation of moves ala Madden/Fifa.

    1. Possibly an idea wold be certain backs have a particular step move (shane williams and bryan habana don't side step the same ways do they). An idea maybe would be the inclusion of signature moves (if anyones played ALL PRO FOOTBALL 2K8 they'll know wot i'm on about - certain players can do hitchkicks etc).

    2. Hit stick of some sort. would like to see more than just 2/3 tackle animations - they have the technology do to do. NO DELIBERATE HIGH TACKLE, THAT DIDN'T WORK EVER!!!

    3. Next gen graphics - I'm a nerd when it comes to stuff like that, cant wait to see what the players look like. If Henson comes back for world cup (which is highly unlikely) i wonder what his hair + tan would look like on his next gen counterpart lol :p

    4. Updated stadiums with possibility of licensed teams/tournaments - i know this depends with budget but everyone hopes that their team has at least their emblem.

    Not asking for much really :p
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    Bells & Whistles

    A roster update and Magners League licensing is a must. As there is no other compeition for the team copyrights, surely the price will be fairly low to use them, so it shouldn't be too big an issue.

    You should also have a seperate campaign for each league. For example, you would have, say, the Super 14, Magners, Premiership and Top 14, and be able to go through a basic season as the Stormers without your progress as the Newport-Gwent Dragons, Quins or Clermont being deleted.

    Online play, with decent matchmaking. Easier said than done, but the likes of FIFA and Madden have managed it, so it wouldn't be too big a strech for EA.

    The Game Itself

    The 'Star' players should firstly be updated (So, for example, while Wales would still have Shane Williams, Gavin Henson would be replaced with Jamie Roberts or James Hook) and each should have a signature move, as should various other indivduals. I'm not asking for every player to be unique, but various key ones (So sticking with the Wales example, Williams would have his step, Roberts would take three people to bring him down, ect., but as for forwards, the likes of Gethin Jenkins would be able to land big hits, and would improve the scrum.)

    More control over kicks, but not total control.

    Referres who don't see everything as an option, as said before.
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    NB: Because I try to say things with as few words as possible, I tend to fail completely at getting my point across. If that happens, tell me, and I'll attempt to elaborate.

    Alternative control options that don't use the r-stick. Seriously, if anything fundamental to the playing of rugby can only be done with the r-stick, I won't be able to play. I can live without doing sidesteps and fends, and therefore being thrashed 90% of the time online, but please let me play.

    An automatic "select player nearest ball" when defending option, with a frequency slider.

    The ability to save a lineup that differs from the default when playing ranked online. Keep it that you can only use the players the team is meant to have, it would just add some variety without taking up time.
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    There are two things that kept me playing the Madden and Fifa games rather than the Rugby games and they were Superstar mode (Madden) and Manager mode (Fifa) (and I don't even like soccer or american football). In the Rugby games everything got boring very quickly. It really needs some sort of player development where a player's skills can increase/decrease based on how he performs at training or games to keep people's interest for more than a couple of weeks.

    I would personally love a Superstar mode like Madden where you can make the Super 15 (or Guinness Premiership) as a 20y/o lock. If you performed well you would gradually move through the ranks and eventually play for your country in the Tri Nations/6 Nations or EOYT. If you play well enough then you can be selected for the RWC. After you have been around for several seasons you may have the Barbarians and/or B & I Lions calling you up to ask if you are interesting in playing for them. All this time your stats would slowly change based on performance, enabling you to try and make your 'Superstar' into the next Jonah Lomu, Christian Cullen, John Eales, Jonny Wilkinson etc. You could also earn roles like Crashball, Scrummager, lineout operator etc (like the Madden roles of burner, bruiser) based on performance. Maybe through the Superstar mode people could make their own 'impact players' rather than the players being chosen for us as no one will never be 100% happy with the players chosen (Lote Tuqiri as an impact player? Give me Sivivatu! :p).

    During games you would control your one lock (for this example) and run around the field hitting rucks, tackling, scrummaging and doing Isaac Ross impersonations (waiting out on the wing for a cross kick to come your way). You would have to try and outsmart the opposition lineout and intercept the throw-ins as well as retain your own. Maybe you would choose not to jump and prepare yourself to stop the maul the opposition will set up. If you tire of being a lock, you could be a first-five and command your team around the field with huge kicks for territory and runs through the middle of the defense. Preseason training/drill-type things could include kicking for touch, goal kicking and attempting to get past the defense and score (like a 5 on 5 drill).

    That might be expecting a bit too much too soon for the Rugby games but if a lot of effort went into this rugby game then a lot more people would buy it and maybe some people who aren't into rugby would give it a go, too.

    A manager mode will probably be a bit easier. There needs to be player development in it, unlike in the 'World League' at the moment. It would be cool if you started at NPC level and then could work your way up to manage a national team. You would have goals and expectations you have to meet or you would be at risk of losing your job. You would be in charge of organising sponsorship, signing up the best players, choosing lineups and tactics etc.

    The rosters are one area that really let the game down in Rugby 2008. There were many players who were given the wrong positions and countries and some people from the Northern Hemisphere complained that their team had not been updated since 2005 (from what I remember, anyway). It doesn't matter too much if the stats are slightly wrong if we have some sort of player development where through performance it can increase anyway, but getting a player's country wrong or what position they play does matter. Also, increase the maximum squad size to about 40ish (minimum of 28?). Club teams won't usually need that many but international teams (especially the B & I Lions) do use that many and it is annoying having to leave players out of a tournament due to squad restrictions.

    Last of all, if there was any way to get rid of the crappy animations, that would be cool. In Rugby 2008 I can dummy while standing still and all of a sudden, due to some issue with the animations, I will end up sprinting off at full speed past everyone. Also, if I sidestep someone, they get caught up into an animation and can't be moved until I have passed them. In real life a sidestep normally sends someone the wrong direction rather than having them stuck in the mud, unable to move until you have passed them. It needs to run a lot smoother (once again, look at Madden) and it will be more enjoyable.

    Good luck with the game, guys. Hope it goes well and I hope I've helped a little :)
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    Better try-scoring/ last-gasp tackles animations would be nice.
    Better, more organised defensive system, with drift or blitz etc..
    Scrum or line-out instead of penalty for the crooked throw in the lineout.
    More realistic punting distances.
    Better positional play from the back three.
    More input and influence by the player on the scrums and mauls (e.g. timing the hit in scrums? Direct the maul/ try to disrupt the maul without the simple collapse.).
    Scrap the 'gauge' drop goal system. Hey, why not drop goals from halfway for 'star' players? Instead of a Shane Williams sidestep- a long distance drop at goal?
    More realistic tackling animations, instead of the 'superman' tackle.
    How about being able to bundle players into touch with help from teammates? It could be annoying in 08 if you tried to time the superman tackle to get them out, only for them to stay in by a whisker.
    How about looseheads who wear number 1 and tightheads who wear number 3 :p ?
    Greater option of the inside pass?
    Pick and goes... and diferent defense against it..
    Chip kicks, grubbers that are worth using would be nice.
    LICENSING-one of the areas that Pro Evo fell down.
    Interceptions that don't involve magic tricks.
    One of the things that was annoying in 08 was when you made a short kick off and one of your players would run up and tackle the opposition player in the air, giving away a penalty and even a red card. You could never stop this happening either once the player set off...
    Regular roster updates and maybe form updates (like FIFA)?
    More inspiring line-outs- all you had to do in 08 was jump at the front and you'd steal most opposition ball.

    Oh, and have scrum half as one of Mauro Bergamasco's positions :D
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    Most of my suggestions have been covered by the above, but one of the things that really annoys me about Rugby 08 (and 06 too) is the try scoring animations. They look daft and only one or two actually look natural! I mean the flying dive is all well and good, but making it look like superman doing a slam dunk is just stupid. HB should look at how Sidhe have done the animations with Rugby League 3 tbh. Another thing they need to sort out is when a player is tackled mid-scoring dive and stands back up again - even worse when he's forced into touch/over the dead ball line by it, it's really frustrating!

    More realistic wind settings for certain stadiums too - it's really daft when you have to deal with 33mph winds inside the Millenium Stadium with it's roof closed!

    Players out of position needs to be sorted too, it just doesnt make sense that a player out of position can barely catch anything! They should do it like Fifa where players can play out of position just wouldnt be as effective there. Would be interesting to bring in the un-contested scrums rule if you dont have any fit front rowers left. Something else I've noticed is that it only really applies to the backs, like if you put a second row at flanker it doesnt make much difference, so cant be that hard to do the same for the backs!
    Yellow and red cards system should be made more realistic too. I worked it out that lets say a winger is yellow carded, then a centre will be put on the wing and the number 7 is put in the centre where he drops everything! Cant be that hard to just leave a gap where that player was?!
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    have a blank club that you can modify.
    For example, you can name it, select the team kit, country of origin, etc...
    In this way you could easily replicate your home club, or school team and play with them. Just for some fun!
  14. ranger

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    I really like the idea for more running moves, the lack of attacking weapons and lack of animations was a real weakness in the previous games.
    Building on your suggestions i would like to see the L2 button being a "power button" that modifys the type of moves available, so;

    In Attack

    *The right stick would be for elusive manouvers;
    -Move the stick to the left= Quick step to the left
    -Move the stick to the right = Quick step to the right
    -Move the stick left then right = Pronounced step to the right (A players left and right legs would be mapped to the stick (like in madden), so the move would be move fluid and specific to the tempo of how you moved the stick than in previous games where there was just one animation)
    -Move the stick right then left = Pronounced step to the right
    -Move the stick back = Stutter/Goose step
    -Move the stick forward = hop/jump (this could be used to jump over fallen players, in conjunction with a sidestep, or to avoid an ankletap from behind)

    You would also then be able to produce combos if you had the right timing and a player with a high enough agility/ elusiveness rating, so if you were to push the stick up, then right, then left, this would happen

    *If you then hold down the L2 button, the stick would be for power manouvers;

    -Move the stick to the left = quick fend to the left
    -Move the stick to the right = quick fend to the right
    -Move the stick left then right = Drop the shoulder to the right (like rupeni does at 2:47 in this clip)
    -Move the stick right then left = Drop the shoulder to the left
    -Move the stick back = Head down and leg drive (This was seriously lacking from the last couple of games, its a staple move)
    -Move the stick forward = Lomu style bunt

    If you got good enough at the game, you would eventually be able to string together combinations of both power and evasion moves; steping to the outside and fending for instance.

    In Defence
    I see there being three main types of tackles; normal tackles, ballwinning tackles and power tackles.

    -Normal tackles are just performed by running into the attacker, these would hardly ever turn the ball over.

    -Fetcher tackles would turn over the ball, once a fetcher type tackle is performed, the defender gets to their feet and will turnover the ball unless the attacker has support players to ruck the ball. If not performed correctly it has a chance of missing however and you could get penalised for hands on the ground.

    -Power tackles would halt the momentum of the attacking team and have a chance of jarring the ball loose. If not performed correctly It has a chance of missing however and you could get penalised for a high tackle.

    *The right stick would by default be for fetcher type tackles,

    You would have to line the attacker up to tackle them,
    -If the attacker is infront of you, you move the stick forward to tackle them.
    -If they step to your right, you move the stick to the right to tackle them
    -Move the stick in the opposite direction to the attacker = attempt to put the attacker to ground without leaving your feet and go straight for the ball (If performed properly, its the quickest and most effective way to turn over the ball. If you get the stick direction or timing wrong, or if the player isnt skilled enough, it is an easy tackle to break. You could also get penalised or yellow carded for not releasing)

    *If you hold down the L2 button, it would become a power tackle stick.

    You would have to line up the attacker much like the fetcher tackle.

    If the attacker is directly infront of you, move the stick forward

    If you move the stick in the opposite direction to the attacker = Lift and slam tackle (This tackle is very likely to knock the ball loose or injure the attacker if performed correctly. If the timing or stick direction is off or the player isnt skilled enough, then its an easy tackle to break. If poorly performed it could become a spear tackle, resulting in a penalty or yellow card.)

    * In order for these to work properly, the default view would have to be front on, like in Madden. My biggest problem with the rugby series was that the veiws were side on. ITS NOT SOCCER, you cant see holes opening up in a defensive line from the side. The view has to be front on widescreen for attack and defence.
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    New Zealand

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    -Small request. I just want to be able to play with former/retired players as well as current players. Maybe a legends player section? Anyway, other then that I'm sure I'll buy what ever your selling.

    I like this idea alot to.
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  16. xusky

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    Mar 8, 2008
    Sydney, NSW
    Dunno if this has been posted already, but i would like to see more solid stats that are relevant, rucks and mauls, turnovers also line breaks, metres per carry etc for both team and individuals. These should also be retained so that they accumulate over the whole season. These stats can also appear onscreen in game from time to time to compare who and which players are preforming which gives the game a bit more of a realistic tv style gameplay.
  17. lman

    lman Academy Player

    Apr 6, 2010
    A 'Be a Pro Mode' like in Fifa 10 would be AWESOME.
  18. Te Waka

    Te Waka Academy Player

    Mar 30, 2010
    These are trivial things but would be simple to add and would be great to see on the game!

    1. National Anthems - Would be great to have these in especially if you were playing in the world cup tournament, it would give a great sense of reality to the game! I know that currently in rugby 08 they play a sample of the anthems, but still would be great to have the full anthems that is usually played and possibly to be able to hear the home crowd singing the anthem! (im sure you could add like an echo in the background!).

    2. Wardances - Would be great to see the Haka (Maori & All Blacks), The Siva Tau of Samoa, The Sipi Tai of Tonga & Cibi of Fiji.

    3. Referee - I dont know if people will like this but i think it would be cool to have an interactive referee (like in real life). for example you could get pulled up for something and you hav the option to dispute the issue by pressing a button. of which the captain of the team could possibly go and talk to the referee or the referee could simply yellow or red card the player for chat back!

    4. Pacific Nations & Nations Cup is a must.

    5. Ability to have development tours for any team! this idea works really well in Rugby Challenge 2006

    6. As mentioned by most people Correct stats & Details for all national teams, domestic teams ect. (if they are finding this hard to figure out as im not sure if they get all the southern hemisphere's rugby games on tv, im sure lots of people on this forum would be willing to help.)

  19. scuubasteve

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    Jul 16, 2007
    Just a few thoughts I've had over the last couple of days...
    I system for lineout throws has already been discussed I believe.

    Down on the Right analog stick powers the hookers throw, pushing up delivers the timing and direction.
    As for the jumper I'd probably go for a Madden or Rugby08 style mini playbook from which you have 10 seconds (as an example) to choose a lineout combination. So you'd choose the numbers (just like choosing the shotgun or dime line formation in Madden). In rugby this would just be the number of players in the lineout. Then each lineout numbers would have a variety of jumping/movement options with different targets resulting in off the top ball or a maul setup. Once the hooker draws back the ball to throw you then hit one of the 4 pad options (X,Y,A,B on xbox for example) to send that play into motion. You also need to time the release of the throw and the power to hit that jumper. Maybe a final tap of the A button to tap the ball down off the top.

    For scrums again use the right analog stick.
    Ref calls Crouch = Move stick Down
    Ref calls Touch = Move stick Right (towards opposition to make front row touch opposition).
    Ref calls Pause = Move stick Left and Hold. At this point you'd hold the stick away from the oppositions direction and power up the scrum by tapping the A button.
    Ref calls Engage = Move stick Right. Direction of the right stick movement on engage determines the angle the front row takes the hit. If you hit slightly downwards then the scrum might collapse. If you hit upwards then you might get folded up and lose the scrum. The ref would penalize you for bad hits and for not touching long enough or for jumping the engage call but you could try to anticipate the call to get a better hit.

    Fir kicking I reckon move to a system using a kind of archery target on the field. So the better the accuracy of a kicker the tighter the rings. The center of the target is where the kick would be aiming. But the kick could go anywhere inside the outer ring depedning on pressur and fatigue (and a random chance factor too). So you could put the bullseye right on the touchline to try and gain as much yardage. But the ball might get slightly sliced (towards the outside if the outer ring) and go out on the full. So kickers with poor stats would become inaccurate and risky to kick with. Because real life rugby kicking is more a measure of accuracy rather than power. I'd also go so far ad to have tighter kicking targets for the strong foot if a player. And large targets for their weak foot. So if a player kids when moving to their right them they use their right foot and left foot for left movements when kicking. Better skilled player would have less disparity between left and right footed kicks.
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  20. OnTheBall

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    Apr 1, 2010
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    While the suggestions I've seen are great, I can understand that HB may not want to over-complicate gameplay, i.e. to accommodate the casual gamer who has just picked the game and knows little about it.
    For this reason, I would suggest having the option of simlpified gameplay (like 08- scrums, lineouts etc) for the lower difficulties, with many of the suggestions mentioned for the higher difficulties.
    This would make the game appealing for both enthusiasts and newbies alike.
  21. ORothlain

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    United States

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    I agree with the new guy!
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