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Summer Nations Series on Amazon Prime


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Apr 27, 2008
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All "Summer Nations Series" (world cup warmup) games to be on Prime, which is great news - pretty sure Ireland's Autumn Internationals weren't in previous years?

• Saturday 5th August: Scotland v France
• Saturday 5th August: Wales v England
• Saturday 5th August: Ireland v Italy
• Saturday 12th August: England v Wales
• Saturday 12th August: France v Scotland
• Saturday 19th August: Wales v South Africa
• Saturday 19th August: Ireland v England
• Saturday 19th August: Italy v Romania
• Saturday 19th August: France v Fiji
• Saturday 26th August: Scotland v Georgia
• Saturday 26th August: Italy v Japan
• Saturday 26th August: Ireland v Samoa
• Sunday 27th August: France v Australia

Think there's a couple of warmups that aren't part of this, like England vs Fiji on the 26th, so not sure what's going on with that - might just have been missed off the match list?
Fantastic. Just managed to renew my subscription on a student price.

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