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Discussion in 'Super Rugby' started by Voyager, Jul 6, 2009.

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    Here’s some interesting figures based on the statistics coming out of the past Super 14.
    1] Take the following factors into account :

    Ball Caries Conversions Def. Beaten Drop Goals Kicks from hand Lineouts Lost Lineouts Won Metres Gained Missed Goals Missed Tackles Offloads Passes Penalty Goals Pens. Conceded Red Cards Rucks Lost Rucks Won Scrums Lost Scrums Won Tackles Made Tries Scored T/O Conceded Yellow Cards

    2] ...give each team a percentage in terms of these factors.

    3] ... now rank the teams - by calculating their average percentage.

    I get the following interesting ranking for the teams :

    Blues 85.91
    Crusaders 79.11
    Western Force 78.46
    Waratahs 76.1
    Brumbies 72.69
    Reds 72.26
    Hurricanes 71.38
    Stormers 69.13
    Highlanders 67.68
    Sharks 65.93
    Chiefs 65.49
    Lions 64.37
    Cheetahs 62.53
    Bulls 62.01

    ... does this mean that stats mean absolutely Jack Sh.. or was this Super 14 an exception to the rule ?
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  4. QLD

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    you live in Brisbane, Queensland Reds rugby heartland. I'd say they are credible.
  5. Voyager

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    Here's what I think :
    Although these stats did not (does not) forecast the log endings this past season, I nevertheless think that they are valid to a greater extent than what we might think. I think that it probably takes more than one season for it (these stats) to synchronise with the final log.

    So, the teams that manage to hang in their (and not collapse under the memories of losses in spite of their best efforts) will turn their good stats into wins.
    Also, teams who have great stats for the past season yet are now loosing players to the NH and other clubs will not turn their good stats into wins.


    Therefore : See which teams have good stats as well as the greatest prospects of consistency and I think you'll have the final four for the next one.

    Gotta point out though : With all the constant childish meddling and racism from management in SA rugby it excludes almost all SA teams from attaining the badge of 'consistent' in the foreseeable future, save maybe the Bulls and that to is a big maybe !

    Crusaders, Chiefs, Tahs and yes ... the Reds (at least lifting off from the spoon platform)
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