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Super 8s



Super Eights Mat Won Lost Tied N/R Pts  Net RR For      Against 
Sri Lanka     1   1    0    0   0   2   +4.304 310/46.0 112/46.0 
Australia     1   1    0    0   0   2   +1.660 377/50.0 294/50.0 
West Indies   1   1    0    0   0   2   +1.041 190/38.1 189/48.0 
New Zealand   1   1    0    0   0   2   +0.942 210/41.0 209/50.0 
England       1   0    1    0   0   0   -0.942 209/50.0 210/41.0 
Ireland       1   0    1    0   0   0   -1.041 189/48.0 190/38.1 
South Africa  1   0    1    0   0   0   -1.660 294/50.0 377/50.0 
Bangladesh    1   0    1    0   0   0   -4.304 112/46.0 310/46.0

March, Tue 27 West Indies v Australia
March, Wed 28 South Africa v Sri Lanka
March, Thu 29 West Indies v New Zealand
March, Fri 30 Ireland v England
March, Sat 31 Australia v Bangladesh
April, Sun 1 West Indies v Sri Lanka
April, Mon 2 Bangladesh v New Zealand
April, Tue 3 Ireland v South Africa
April, Wed 4 England v Sri Lanka
April, Sat 7 Bangladesh v South Africa
April, Sun 8 Australia v England
April, Mon 9 Ireland v New Zealand
April, Tue 10 West Indies v South Africa
April, Wed 11 England v Bangladesh
April, Thu 12 Sri Lanka v New Zealand
April, Fri 13 Australia v Ireland
April, Sat 14 South Africa v New Zealand
April, Sun 15 Bangladesh v Ireland
April, Mon 16 Australia v Sri Lanka
April, Wed 18 Ireland v Sri Lanka
April, Thu 19 West Indies v Bangladesh
April, Fri 20 Australia v New Zealand
April, Sat 21 West Indies v England

April, Tue 24 1st Semi Final 2 v 3
April, Wed 25 2nd Semi Final 1 v 4
April, Sat 28 Finals SF1 v SF2
I hate to say it, but I think this may just become a non-contest. I really think that Australia is just going to have a relatively easy win against whoever they come up against like their 80 run win over SA. There may be a bit of a game on their hands in the final but apart from that I don't think there is too much to worry about for them.
I think you're maybe being a bit overconfident, I think Smith's going off took a huge amount of momentum away from South Africa in that match, who knows what might have happened had he not gone off. Sri Lanka will certainly give them a game as well and unlike South Africa, who aren't far off the complete package, they have Murali as well.
it will be interesting to see how things go.

With the black caps losing vincent that will be a huge blow to them, hopefully we can compete now even without an opener. I still think they will push the aussies as well.

This is going to be more of a top 6, with ireland and bangladesh unlikely to make any more inroads.

The other two teams i think may bomb out are West Indies and England, dont ask my why, i just have that feeling.
I wasn't meaning anything by it...I was just asking if that was what you thought because u didn't say it straight out, thats all :)
meh, dunno what they are doing. dont care really didnt get to see them play. will watch them against the kiwis and ill let you know :)

i am still backing the kiwis, just hope bond doesnt injure anyone else :)
kiwis can do it. even without a specialist opener. fulton and fleming are expected to open with hamish marshall at 3. there still is plenty of strike power in the nz lineup with the likes of styris oram mcMillian and mcCullum. plus the bowling attack is still all in one peice so if bond stays fit especially the black caps have a chance still. I will back them anyway
nz beat ireland by 129 runs.
nz unbeaten in world cup so far, but they have only played 2 top tier teams, england and west indies. the real test comes from now on. they play sri lanka, south africa and australia in super 8. if they can will at least 2 out of those 3 games, then only i think they will be genuine contenders for the CWC.
Were guarnteed a Semi Finals Spot now anyway, even if we drop all 3 games? I would rather we lost these 3 games, then wn the next 2 rather than win these games and bomb out to one of the same teams in the Semi's.
Just completed, South Africa beat West Indies

South Africa 356 (de Villiers 146, Kallis 81) beat West Indies 289 for 9 (Sarwan 92) by 67 runs, so the West Indies have crashed out of the tournament.
Finally the Proteas have won a game with great batting against the one of the bigger teams but I wasn't at all happy with our bowling :D :D :D :D

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