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Discussion in 'Super League / Northern Hemisphere' started by St Helens RLFC, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. Decision to be made at 10am tomorrow morning with regards to the 14 teams for next season's Super League campaign.
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  3. jeffb

    jeffb Guest

    Still have my doubts about CC.

    Have to wait and see
  4. Cymro

    Cymro Guest

    If the CC are in Dan im planning my visit to you for that game!
  5. Vambo

    Vambo Guest

    The announcement is live on Sky News at 10.00
    I'm on lates this week so I'll be watching. Wonder if there will be any surprises?

    Don't forget your shell suit ;)

  6. Cymro

    Cymro Guest

    Don't forget your shell suit ;)


    Im not from Newport! <_<
  7. Don't forget your shell suit ;)


    Im not from Newport! <_<

    :lol: Funny **** i laugh at chavs there worse than f**king bogans in Australia.

    Thats the only thing England (and wales!) is better at than Australia producing scum. :bleh!:

    Then there is Emo's but thats for another day......

    Anyway ill be happy if Salford and Celtic Crusaders get in i think the hiding bradford gave Toulouse sank there bid for 2009.

    But Toulouse for 2012!

    It be great if Castleford and Wakefield stayed in but i fear that one will go.
  8. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Then we round them up, put them all on a boat and send them down under. We send to follow that a boat full of whores and rabbits, then a nation is born. :bleh!:
  9. Vambo

    Vambo Guest


    Catalan Dragons
    Celtic Crusaders
    Harlequins RL
    Hull FC
    Hull KR
    St Helens
  10. Cymro

    Cymro Guest

    Get in, Dan get ready my son the Welsh are on their way!
  11. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    A predictable selection. The list looked awesome until I read the very last name... :bleh!:
  12. The Crusaders have been in since they made their bid. I'm all for it myself, I know Jeff was worried that they may not be ready and I am worried they've only 6 months to prepare for life in Super League, but it's not like they're going to get relegated or anything. Visits from Saints, Leeds, Wigan etc will boost attendances and from what I've been told, Crusaders have a youth system capable of holding its own. I just hope they don't go daft and sign lots of Aussies.

    As for Salford, thumbs down from me. I'd have chosen Widnes. I don't care whether or not Salford have a new stadium on the way, I feel positively intimidated every time I go to the Willows, and I know my poor car does. Horrible place with horrible fans and an average team.
  13. Cymro

    Cymro Guest

    The set up with the coaching and academy down South are pretty good, the academy side have done very well for themselves and the coaching set up they now have is now of a high standard who can help develop the side further.

    Regarding the stadium, the Brewery Field is not the best but its not the worst stadium but I have heared that a new stadium is now in the offing so as soon as I can find links of this I will post it somewhere!

    It will be looking likely now that Iestyn Harris will join the Crusaders apparently been reported a few times back here in Wales and as Iestyn contract runs out at the end of the season it may be likely that he is coming to the Crusaders.

    Again with the Crusaders only having 6 months to prepare I reckon they will get the neccessary prep done and will win a few games but will most likely get pounded! Again I reckon the Crusaders will defeat a major team and after that the attendances will boom!
  14. I'd avoid Harris like the plague if I were the Crusaders!
  15. Is it just me or....

    RFL ignored there own guidelines regarding points and just picked the teams it wanted.
    If it wasnt for the expansion Wakefield and Castleford one or both would of being turfed

    Oh and as people have said Widnes has got shafted again however its only 3 years that gives them three years to prepare tie up any loose ends satisfy the RFL complaints with there bid and be ready for 2012.

    So they could be in a good position come 2012

    I personally cant wait till then........i think the RFL was just testing the water and that super league clubs had it in the bag,Castleford must be having a laugh now considering they wont get relegated despite being far and away the worst club this year. (the conspiracy theorist in me suspect that Castleford half wasnt terribly worried about this season because they where a good chance to stay up anyway)

    I think that this is a good idea you see in Australia with no promotion/relegation and salary cap in AFL (Australian Rules Football) and NRL there is a very close league with very even teams.

    Congratulations to Salford and CC
  16. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    However, as well demonstrated by the <strike>purgatory</strike>Magners league and the Super 14, once a team is ring fenced in they no longer care about the competition after so many weeks once they're out of contention. Relegation may put added pressure on players, but it keeps all parties far more interested then just saying to them "oooh, you finished last this year, tehehe".

    Look at Connauct FFs. In the Magners league they play ECC rugby when they're barely a professional outfit!
  17. Thats because they give very few chances for smaller teams to play with the big boys.If you have a top 4 setup like s14 or no finals at all like magners league once as you said they are out of contention teams stop caring.

    Therefor if you have a finals setup say top 6 at the very least it gives teams that might not come first an added incentive to play.
  18. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Nah, playoffs are bullshit money spinners designed to give the blazers an extra lining in their pockets during the drought of off season. All that happens is teams will reserve their big performances until a key point in the season when they can start a charge, then steal the title though a back door technicality *coughWaspscough*

    At least the Super League actually awards the team who finishes top something, but the champions should be the side who win the league, not a side who couldn't be bothered and finished 4th. If they want to make a separate cup competition for those sides, fine, but don't call them "Champions".

    The same goes for finishing bottom. If you finish there, you should go down and replaced with someone more deserving, not seen as perennially propping up the table on a cushion of nice, soft ring-fence.
  19. Explain yourself with the "again."
  20. Cymro

    Cymro Guest

    Apparently the story is very much true and he is likely to sign a player / coach role!
  21. There aren't many secrets in rugby league mate (apart from the franchise announcements, oddly) he'll be at the Crusaders don't you worry.
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