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Super League XII



Being biased and coming off a fantastic 2006 - I still think Saints have the strength to take the Super League ***le and win the Grand Final, despite not having recruited as strongly as some of the other clubs. As far as the CC goes, not sure if they'll be enough petrol in the tank for that as well - would be nice to have another clean sweep but don't know if that's realistic. Just wondering what everyone else thinks out there.

Anyway, here's my prediction with how the table will end up:

1. St. Helens
2. Bradford
3. Leeds
4. Hull
5. Salford
6. Huddersfield
7. Warrington
8. Wigan
9. Harlequins RL
10. Hull KR
11. Wakefield
12. Catalans Dragons
be interesting to see how they do with Deacon as captain though - don't think they will finish below the top five - plus David Solomona is a quality signing, fantastic player, too bad the Bulls snapped him up.
Solomona is a good player but I just don't think the Bulls have enough quality. And they need to save money.
surprised Saints seem to be somewhat cautious and reserved with the signings - still tight wit 't brass even after 't sweep! Or are we edging closer to that annoying thing called the Salary Cap - would have thought that with all the people leaving we would have freed up more cash. Wonder how Gidley will fit in, starting to miss Lyon already.
On a normal season we would have more room on the cap but we have two freakishly good young players. Roby and Graham have both signed long term deals and they are talented, talented lads.

Next year Long, Scully and Cunningham are out of contract. I only expect the latter to be re-signed. That will free up many a penny.
hope Kieron has a few more years left in his legs, not that I want him to retire but I'm thinking he's been there for over a decade of Super League, I'd be happy if he can sign on for another season or two...anyway can't wait for the season to kick off, finally i'll be able to watch all the games online.
Why not?

Well, I've got two jerseys from them home and away. A signed photograph by Tom Van Vollenhoven. One of my friends at Uni is an exchange student from Barnsley and he also supports Saints. I don't know guess I had a few reasons to pick St. Helens as my favorite club.


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