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Super Rugby : Play-off Discussion

Red Enigma

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Jun 22, 2017
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For a moment I thought the Sharks would win - as they should have based on several replays of the video - and I would have saved a few grand going back home to Wellington from QLD rather the long trip to Joburg. However I love the memories from my last trip there following the "Canes and doubt much will change.

The Sharks play at sea level and looked the likely winners for most of the game until (things I cannot mention in this thread) fate intervened. How the lions will go against the "Canes will have nothing whatsoever to do with "who turns up on the day". The lions got a wake up call in the QF - and the SF is a gigantic hurdle by comparison. On the other hand, The "Canes backline suffered the same sort of dilemma the AB's faced when Henry put Mils into centre in that unloseable WC in GB. I have no criticism for Jordie or Nehe, but why have a short, lightweight, fullback and a tall centre, when logic suggests the opposite should apply. Nehe took the high ball extremely well, but was then overwhelmed by the Brumbies rush. Jordie would have taken the same ball but committed more of the opposition and provided more opportunities. Conversely, several times Jordie got the ball as 13 and I wished like hell he was the side-stepping genius called Nehe. ("Nene" by those who like tits.)

The 'Canes game in Canberra was way below perfect in the first half, but on par from then on. As with any horse race, I don't give a stuff how far back they are at the half-way point, it is the winner at the end that smiles. (Geez, do horses smile?)

As an aside, I want the Chiefs to beat the "Saders so the 'Canes fans can host another final. I'm not worried about the outcome but would far rather fly home to my home town than Christchurch - why? - My six kids, 6 grandchildren, are in the Capital!

Go 'Canes!!

PS: how good is Dane Coles. cool as a cucumber. Was huffing and puffing towards the end of a longer than expected spell, but I would still not like to be one of the three little pigs!