Superleague rights go to channel nine in aus

Discussion in 'Super League / Northern Hemisphere' started by esoj, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. esoj

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    well this has come a bit out of the blue but channel nine now have the rights to the superleague and the challenge cup. I can't wait to see the debates now next year nrl v superleague should be good reading on the forums.
    Friday 14th November 08

    IMG Sports Media today announce that it has sold the television rights to the Rugby Football League's (RFL) two marquee competitions - the engage Super League and Carnegie Challenge Cup – to Australia's leading rugby league broadcaster, Channel Nine, as part of a new 3 year contract beginning in 2009.

    Under the terms of the agreement up to 70 televised engage Super League games and 9 Carnegie Challenge Cup games will be shown live on terrestrial channel Nine. As well as the live broadcasts, the deal will also see games replayed at more convenient times for Australian viewers.
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  3. williamhall

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    Great for International League.
  4. Good. Now people can see how good Super League is instead of just deciding it's not without watching.
  5. Super League has been available on cable in Australia for a couple of years. As are 5 of the 8 NRL games. The intensity of the SL games is not up to the same standard as the NRL, but for those who enjoy good attacking football it can be a very attractive proposition.

    I would suggest SL being available free to air has more to do with the exodus of Australian players to England than any attempt to expand the games following. Especially considering most games will be on at like 1 and 2am in the morning Australian East Coast time
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