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Superman Returns



What did you guys think?

I watched it in the weekend, and was plesently surprised. i didnt have any high hopes of a good movie really and didnt like the thought of kate bosworth as lois lane!

the effects are well done, the story isnt bad and it keeps to the true nature of super man. I enjoyed it once i forgot that kate bosworth was actually a blonde under her hear (not sure if she is natural but she is normally blonde) she did an adequate job of being lois lane.

i thought that brendon routh(sp) did a very good job as superman. what helped is that i havnt heard of him before this movie and he did a decent job of being a clumsy clarke kent and a strong friendly superman.

all in all i would recomend this movie to people who like the story, it keeps to most of the traditions and is a decent watch.

Oh and my gf stayed awake throughout the whole movie which is a good sign cause she falls asleep whenever we watch movies:)
I have to agree. Although it wasn't a perfect movie (it has some slow pacing problems in parts), it was very good and quite rewatchable. Superman attempting to save the plane using the anti-gravity of his flight powers was something to behold alrighty!
yeah that was great special effects, id pay just to watch that bit again really :)
Anyone else notice ex rugby league player and giant homosexual Ian Roberts in this film?

He's one of Lex Luthers goons, the guy that follows him everywhere with a video camera.... he also gives Superman a good kicking towards the end.

I just thought that was weird.


didnt notice that at all

though to be honest i dont look out for ian roberts in any movie that i watch
It took me a good 20 minutes to catch on but it's definately him(said so in the credits)

He's in almost every scene that Spacey is in but doesn't say a single word

The director must have loved his moves on dancing with the stars

It's not every day you see a rugby player in a huge Hollywood movie, let alone the only openly gay player from any footy code.(i cant think of anyone else)
that might help.

can honsetly say i didnt know the director was gay, or who he was :)
He is a fantastic director. Also did the first two X-Men movies AND The Usual Suspects. Talented director, no question.
When it came out this summer I had the opportunity to see it in IMAX 3D...the whole film wasn't in 3D, but most of the amazing action sequences were. The plane scene rocked. I can't wait to watch it now on DVD.

Am I the only one that thinks the dude actually has a resemblence to christopher reeves?

Maybe it's their outfits or something?
they both have the "superman" look so of course they are going to look similar.

thats the whole point, "tall dark and bumbling"

they look close to the comic book character
Well, yeah...but my comment was more of a joke about the fact that the two guys look a like because they dress similarly...when of course they dress similarly, they're both supposed to be superman.
I feel like I have now wasted my time explaining a stupid joke. Yet, I'm still typing away. Ah screw it!
O'Rothlain, you'd be the best guy on the forum to hang out with in real life. That is......if you ever stopped taking pictures of yerself.

Mind you I've never seen a more beautiful young Abe Simpson-like melon.

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