Superstar Mode for Rugby 07??

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by I cant think of a username, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. Just like in Madden I think superstar mode would be absolutely brilliant in rugby 07. I reckon it would be hard for EA to mess it up!! It would be better than superstar mode in Madden because you'd be involved in every so there would be no waiting!!! (This idea would also be brilliant in FIFA but that's for another thread!) What do you think??!! I really hope its in 07
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  3. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Have I missed something? :huh:
  4. EVOL

    EVOL Guest

    camera views would really need to be nailed perfectly, if the camera focused on only your player the same as in madden then youd have a hell of a time trying to pass.

    i think for it to be playable they need to keep the camera somewhat like the normal view but still track your player instead of the ball ( cant explain it any better sorry)

    itd be alright i guess but at the stage madden is its still just a bit too gimmicky, plus just think what they'd leave out to include this mode.

    i hope they dont go overboard with the downloadable content if it ever pops up on 360
  5. DC

    DC Guest

    Have I missed something? :huh:

    Argh stupid brit!!!! :p

    basically superstar mode is you create a player, yourself, and then you take him through his career for the most part making your career decisions as you go.. and you improve based on how you train, and how you perform..

    so basically it is like living out that career of the person

    personally, however, i believe a rugby 07: the life (takeoff on the nba 2007) would be even better. in nba 2007 the life, you get to negotiate contracts, progress through your career, create on court rivalries, have custom moves.

    would be pretty cool.. just think about it, you could negotiate your contract with the team of your choice in just about any league, then you can play all the games for your team, maybe your manager would drop you because of your form, then when you get good enough maybe you could become a star player.. and then when you play in internationals if you get selected maybe you could create an on field rivalry with a player from a different team i.e. me and stringer could have an onfield rivalry.. that would be a great addition
  6. 187

    187 Guest

    yeah that's a phat idea! is it in madden 07? i'll hav to get it in now and see how this mode works on it.
  7. davidson

    davidson Guest

    cant wait to see it in nhl 07. you could vote on weather or not to strike during the season again! imagine the thrill of seeing your player through 7 months of sitting on his arse. magic.

    if they did this in rugby i guess you would have to play first five. i cant imagine playing a career at tight head would be a great laugh. altho i think doing that would be better than madden. cos thats already boring when you are in charge of a whole team. god knows what its like with 1/11th of the fun.
  8. EVOL

    EVOL Guest

    its worse than that, you forget you only play offence or defense so more like 1/22, not to mention special teams.... :D
  9. davidson

    davidson Guest

    yeah, that would be sweet eh?

    10 seasons as a punter.

    i played a bit of football while i was a university in england when i was to injured and fat to play rugby. let me be candid from the outset, uk universities football is no equivalent to college football so that wasnt meant to be a putdown to the sport.

    but jesus the only thing more boring than being one guy in a team of 40 blokes sitting round for 3 hours between 3 second plays must surely be playing a video game of it?

    still, we do have cricket in the rugby playing nations (exept france) so i cant moan too much.

    come to think of it that would be a terrible game wouldnt it. a season as an outfielder in cricket 08.
  10. i prefer controling a whole team ... if the com scores, its because you've made a mistake. i wouldn't like to be counting on a com to defend ... i think this kind of mode is rather unapropriated for rugby ...
  11. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    well at least you could become an all rounder... but fielding would suck

    i like the idea, but dont see it working. the ai would have to be pretty spot on for rugby this is not cricket (like the above line) Being in the backline would be good, except when the forward keep hitting it uo. but having to make sure you are in the backline, in position and making sure the guy inside you knows where you are going to be would be a real challenge. there would be to many possiblities that could be done in rugby that i doubt that it would work effectivly
  12. jake the mus

    jake the mus Guest

    i think the mode sounds like a good idea. if any one has played madden superstar, then i wanna no how u begin? lets say in rugby would it be like you started in the Air NZ cup team and if you peformed well you would get a super 14 contract followed by an all black one?
  13. DC

    DC Guest

    in madden you start as a rookie if im not mistaken, and you have to earn your spot in the starting lineup by training, playing good, and stuff like that, the more you train the better your stats become.. unless im thinking of ncaa football, but they are similar.

    so that'd be cool if you started as an OK player, then progressed via training, some late minutes with the first XV and such so that you eventually became a superstar. AND during your career you could develop on field rivalries with some of the opposite number from other countries.. i.e. a new zealand wing forms a rivalry with the aussie wing and whenever they play its more fiesty than would it be for the new zealander against say an ireland player.
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