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Surge of Newcomers



WEll, just wanna ask about this sudden surge of newcomers... any advertisements being run or what???
Could it be that the absolutely horrible pile of steaming Welsh sheep poo that is the BBC 606 ("Soccer orientated discussion, with other sports tacked on to keep the rest quiet!" seems to be BBC Sport's motto these days) has chased most decent rugby fans away to other forums?

There was a thread on there by a disgruntled user listing links to the Unofficial forums for the home nations, this board and some other boards.
I'm amazed that got through their crazy moderation system, where every post has to be approved, ludicrous place.
hm.... i found out that Youtube played quite a role as well..


Has had a lot of mentions. My 'TRF Compilation' seems to have whipped up quite a storm of new members.

I'm milking it for as much credit as possible.

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