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Wondering if Dupont works cause he's the best player in the world and would dominate no matter what or cause he can organize full time sevens players.
People were talking about this on tw the other day. Guy is a freak. No question about it. If i remember correctly BOD gave sevens a try (albeit after his prime) and didn't do that well. So did Bryan Habana. Of course they were ok but it's not as if they instantly took their teasm to a new level. Not even close. It is not the same game. Mindset is very, very different. The possession vs territory equation is completely different and the power vs speed one for each player too. The sevens players are all not bad at anything. 15's players are mostly specialists, 7s are all good all-rounders. They have to be. Every prop has to be able to throw a rather precise 15-meter spiral pass (both sides) at full speed and be able to run 100 meters in under 13 secs. Plus decision making, course. Sevens is a very, very, very fast-paced game.
In XV your focus is to try to be very good at something. You can hide your flaws or have someone else cover for you. In 7s your focus is not to be bad at anything.

I always remember Carlyn Isles (fastest rugby player ever, US sevens). Ball in hand, with space, he was a monster. Hardly anyone could catch him. Tons, TONS of videos of him running around players and scoring amazing tries. What they dont tell you: he cost the US team a gazillion tries too because he was not good on defense, and when people attacked them they focused on having a 1v1 vs him. Covering for a weakness in 15s i difficult but manageable (how many top tier FHs couldnt tackle!). In 7s that is much, much harder. You dont have the space nor the time.

I was thinking which pumas' players would i poach for the 7s. Couldnt think of many and they'd be 50/50 fighting for their spot. Moroni maybe? Matera?

Guys like dupont in France, McKenzie/savea/BB in NZ, Kolbe or de Allende in RSA. But look at those names. They are all freaks and they are all good at everything.
We made a few very, very stupid and costly mistakes (isgro's YC) but did you see Args second yellow card? Or Ireland's last try (foot on touch?)?
Unlucky at the very least.
It is (almost) impossible after that.

We were in complete control of the game, 5 mins to go, 9 points ahead, against an opponent we had JUST beaten in the last group stage game and we threw it away with a silly, stupid and unnecessary yc.
Fortunately, and this is what keeps my hopes v high, I listened to the post-game cuddle and they know what went wrong, they know how to fix it and their confidence is through the roof.
They'll learn from this and come back stronger.
It was a bit of a blow up alright and don't think it'll affect either side in the long run. We threw away our chance to capitalise as well in the semi. One player, Comerford, was worth a 17 point swing in France's favour, could have offloaded to give Conroy a walkover but gave away a penalty instead which France scored off and then made a horrendous tackle attempt to let France run in from 60m. Everything our team does well is through Terry Kennedy though, need another point of difference.

WR got exactly what they wanted with a Dupont win though.
double gold, first time in ages i've just sat down and watched almost a full day of SVNS, on and off whilst doing stuff,...and what a day to do it


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