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sword fish studios...

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will they be looking here by any chance...as a means to get ideas from us like that other site?....
Yeah, when the new game is near I'm sure they'll be back. I know Ian is already signed up as I saw him as the "last registered" person.
well okay then....be shore to look at the rugby2005 section coz theres more ideas going that way...like mine
Ah.. Swordfish has nothing to do with Rugby 2005. Which will be released first by the way?
Well WCR2 be released on this generation of consoles? And would you have a rough estimate (e.g. early next year).
Originally posted by [email protected]@Jun 30 2004, 08:28 PM
Both Trev and I are still keeping tabs on the site for your views and ideas building up to WCR II.
please look at sum of my ideas for the rugby2005 game
...the reason i posted it there was...well i think...with the budget that ea has..and....just look please

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