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Swordfish Expanding



While I doubt it increases the chances of any more Swordfish rugby or cricket games, Swordfish is expanding.

Originally posted by http://www.gameplanet.co.nz/mag.dyn/News/11318.html
Rugby and cricket game developer Swordfish Studios is to expand as Sierra Entertainment continues to invest in UK talent.
The Birmingham based developer has announced the official opening of a new Manchester office. Working on an as yet, unnamed next-generation project for Sierra Entertainment, the new studio will house many of the staff being enrolled as part of Swordfish's current recruitment drive.

Swordfish Studios says it continues to benefit from the heritage, enthusiasm and resources of the Sierra brand, a division of Vivendi Games.


I doubt it would be sport related especially after they passed on blic to codemasters. they pretty much knew that would proabbly be the end for them for sports games for awhile so instead of it dying with them passed on to people they could trust in codemasters. swordfish have to do what vivendi tell them too.


Doubt it would happen. I think the project would be delegated to one developer and no joint operations, unless its planned to be huge.

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