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System Settings, what do they do?

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When I go into 'System Settings' in 'My Rugby' I see 'RESOLUTION' 'ANTIALIASING' 'SHADOWS' 'FORCE LOD' and 'PITCH DETAILS'
I know what resolution, shadows and pitch details mean but what are antialiasing and force LOD?
Basically Anti aliasing is an option to smooth out jagged edges in games, the higher the anti aliasing, the more smoother edges will look. You got to have a good graphics card to accomplish this though.

I'm not sure about Force LOD though. Does 'LOD' stand for something?
youll probably have noticed that the computer uses less detailed models for playes further from camera. force lod makes your machine use the higher res models all the time. obviously needs a fair bit more power tho.
I tried putting antialiasing to x4 and Force LOD to high but the game went kind of wierd, like it was stuttering so I put Force LOD to medium and left the other one and it plays perfectly which is good 'cause I payed a lot for the graphics card in my computer so it's good to know that it's pretty powerful (it's a Radeon X600 256MB for the record, I guess that's good is it?) I didn't notice any difference when I turned the settings up, probably because I didn't take notice of the jagged edges and the resolution on far away players in the first place.

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