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Oct 29, 2015
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Hi all,

New to this forum and also fairly new to the game!

Ive had a couple of saves with Exeter and Leicester so far and have tried different things in terms of calls, defence, attack and general tactics but despite having strong squads (particularly at Tigers) I only tend to win every other game?

Just wondering if anyone is having some real success and cares to share their tactics etc?

Thanks in advance! :)
Hi there,

I am starting my third season, so I might share what I think I have learnt from the first two ones (from which I have won 5 competitions). Having a good squad is necessary but not sufficient, in addition you need to:
- Hire good trainers, 5 stars, in every domain, specially defence and attack. That might take you a season or two depending on your financial status.
- Rank your squad, starting line-up, substitute and possibly 3rd choice. Try to stick to it unless a player has catastrophic performances (which you can obviously see on the field). Once in a while invert starting player and substitute that might help stimulate both players.
- When the opponent team scores a try quickly in the game without any missed tackle from your team, you probably do not have the right defensive options. Switch to Improvised Defence and find quickly which blocks best the opponent.
- Know your players' skills very well. For example, I had two equally good full-backs, one was essentially fast, creative with good pass, he would start the games. In second half, if I was leading I would substitute him for the other full-back who had terrific tackle and strength and would provoke plenty of knock-on/turnovers when defending. Have this reflection for every single position in your team.
- If leading by a very thin margin towards the end of the match, I usually switch on drops and switch attacking options to conservative (except green zone).

There are probably plenty of other tricks or ways to play RUTM, any comment or additional info welcome :)

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