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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Cymro, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. Cymro

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    Anyone know any ?

    Anyone know a website ?

    I know about the Wall !!! But what moves can come off it?

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  3. iWin

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    I know a couple of very good sevens ones, which might be able to be converted to 15s...

    1) Have the scrum half at the spot, with his back to the opposition. Winger and centre are on opposite wings, way out. The remaining players are in single file. The scrum half points discreetly in the direction of the attack and taps the ball. The line fans out on the right side. If the opposition winger gets sucked in, use a miss to the wing, if not, there should be huge gaps in the middle.

    2) Have the two halfbacks where the penalty is, and the other players on the other side of the pitch. when the ball is tapped, the other players fall on the ground, scream and writhe about. The opposition should just look at them with a "WTF???" expression and you can just waltz through and score. This could be brilliant or go horribly horribly wrong...
  4. RC

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    I'm not sure the ref would allow the second one.
    I mean, i know i've been blown up several times in a game for bad sportsmanship. I remember i took a quick tap penalty once and i had a prop standing right in front of me. He didn't move, just braced himself ready to smash me into the floor instead as i approached him i pretended to push the ball away from my chest in a basketball-esque pass threatening to throw it in his face. He flinched badly (as is human nature) and i stepped past him and had the rest of the field to myself. But before i could run it the ref blew up and brought me back penalising me for bad sportsmanship and proceeded to yellow card me.
    Everyone was in stitches that i actually got sent off for doing that.

    A good tap penalty move i used to use involved my no.6 (the lad who was most effective at crash balls in my team). I would stand with my back to the opposition and he would stand about 10m back from me. Then he would begin to sprint towards me by the time he got within a few metres i would - instead of tapping the ball and passing to him - chip the ball over my head with an over head kick and he would carry on sprinting through. He would aim to run between players and wouldn't be stopped. If someone stepped in his way then the ref saw it was a clear professional foul - it once led to a yellow card for the opposition. But when i managed to get the kicks right it worked well on a few occasions with him catching the ball in his bread basket only needing to fall to the floor to get the try. I think we tried it about 7 or 8 times and resulted in a try 3 of those times. Only problem is if you don't get a try you lose possession and your chance for points totally. It's quite a gamble but fun.
    By the way, this obviously only really worked in the red zone as everyone would be scattered around the field otherwise.
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