Tawera Nikau

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Dead Man Walking, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I think T should be in the Hall Of Fame as he was an excellent player for the teams in England and Australia he played for during his career. He also has gone through a lot of personal tragedies in the last few years.
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  3. wigan_rlfc

    wigan_rlfc Guest

    And that Mullet. A funny moment ocured a few years back when during a Wigan Warrington match there was a bit of a scuffle and Andy Farrell stroked his shoulders and Jeered at Nikau.
  4. melon

    melon Guest

    He is a lovely bloke and has suffered more in the last few years than most people do in their life times, however i dont believe he should be inducted into the hall of fame. I acknowledge he was a better player than most and had much 2 offer to a team whether it was in the form of leadership, big hits, barnstorming runs or off field behaviour but wasnt as good as the others that have been considered for entry.
  5. Cheap shot thug.
  6. T is the man!!

    He's also a great commentator for the Maori Channel :p
  7. melon

    melon Guest

    That may be true but he shouldnt be in the Hall Of Fame
  8. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    He can only get in the hall of fame if you write an article so he aint in...
  9. All for him in! Absolute legend! Incredible story too, he's an inspirational man.
  10. melon

    melon Guest

    you my friend, don't no the meaning of legend :)...in rugby league's sense
  11. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    And you do?
    how do you qualify for such a statement?
  12. melon

    melon Guest

    Well i know that Tawera Nikau is not a legend, in Rugby League status anyway...let me ask you, do you think he deserves to be up there with the the best of the modern era? Shane Webke? Daren Lockyer? Andrew Johns? Brad Fittler? Peter Sterling? Wally Lewis? Paul Harragon?..i could rattle of about 20 names that i believe are more "legend" than Tawera Nikau. Im not saying he was of exception playing ability but it he didnt play up to the level such that he could be warrented a legend.

    But hey, thats my opinion, and big bad moderator im so very sorry for continuing a topic...And remember, your a moderator, you arent supposed to encourage hostile behaviour as you have done here.
  13. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    OK I'll be good, when you mention the names above they are indeed legends of the game... the Australian game. For Kiwi's Tawera Nikau is a legend (we don't have that many).
  14. I wouldn't say he's as much of a legend as the likes of Lockyer, Sterling or Lewis, but he is certainly a worthy of being a League legend. He won a grand final with the Storm in 1999 and represented New Zealand several times at international level. Many believed that he should have gotten the Clive Churchill medal in the grand final as well. As a New Zealand league player he is a legend. Not only as a player is he a legend, but as a person as well. He lost his wife and had his leg amputated in a motorcycle accident so he could raise his children (I know this isn't relevant information for the league hall of fame, but it reflects who the man is). As Dumbo earlier said, for Kiwi's he is a legend.
  15. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    Must say I don't agree.......

    Nikau was a very good player at club level, and a good player at test level - on a par with lots of other Kiwi players - HOWEVER he wasn't a "GREAT" player even by Kiwi standards.

    For instance he doesn't get close in playing ability to real Kiwi forward legends such as the Sorensen brothers, Tamati brothers, Mark Graham, Hugh McGann, Ruben Wiki (just to name a few).

    Gotta admire the man though!
  16. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    dont forget gary freman :)
  17. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    Don't get me started on Kiwi league backs that I think are superior to Nikau (in terms of playing ability) :)

    ........personally I'd rate Nikau on exactly the same level as Tony Iro - both good test/club players, but never world class in their respective positions.

    Off the field and in life you won't find me questioning Nikau's strength, bravery, leadership etc, something I believe we will see more of in time.
  18. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    yeah when it comes to back there are HEAPS of kiwis that can be nominated.

    what about brent todd in the forwards?:ph34r: or dean lonergan, when he got knocked out, was classic, i think thats my first memory of kiwi rugby league :)
  19. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    Deano was (is) a boof head, the only time he shone for the Kiwis was after he got knocked out (The Lonergan shuffle) - best he'd ever played once that occured.

    Todd was one of the worlds most boring players, but one of the most effective props during that time.

    I'm sure ak47 will remind us that the only time Toddy tried to offload in the tackle (during the famous Canberra vrs Balmain grand final of 89) it was intercepted and lead to a try!
  20. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    yeah i am stretching my memory a bit when it comes to league :)
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