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the 12th man - boned



Anyone got it? what does people think?

I have it but only listened to the first disk. then my girlfriend got up and wanted to watch tv i was guttered. but it was quite funny. looking forward to the second disk.

let me know what you guys think.
Yeah, I've got it. It is very funny in my opinion, although in parts it does sound like the idea came from Richie Benaud maybe not wanting to know him due to the previous editions, so he's just gone the whole hog and really stuck it to him.

It notably used to be mentioned once a summer at least on channel 9, although it seems like all the commentators don't want to even faintly acknowledge it from what I've heard during the ashes.

Maybe this one is a little close to the 'bone'.

I myself think it is quite an awesome listen. One of Billys better efforts.
I personally think it's funny, but not as good as his other stuff (The Final Dig and Still the Twelth Man are the best)... although apparently the Channel 9 cricket team is divided, some love it, some acknowledge that it is positive publicty and has helped turn them into household names, while others (mainly Benaud who according to Wikipedia sends a critique for each one to Birmingham) downright loathe it.
RIPPER MUST DIE!!!....but not peacefully nor humanely!!1...

where is kaftka theze dayz???...i miss that ***** ass
One word for it, Hilarious. You don't want it to end, it's so clever.
It's cool how BB makes a role for himself in there as well.
I loved Final Dig? to bits, and this will shape up in my opinion.

Kaftka...... that name rings a controversial bell in my head...

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