The 2005 British Lions

Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by THE CHIROPRACTOR101, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. after all tha hype,the several thousand supporters from the north,all the media talk,all the player talk,all of clive woodwood :D and his spin docters talk,the 40-50 odd players that came,the management that consisted of half the english population,including there number one scientist...the best physician in the north,500 odd groupies,two elderly people,a priest(catholic and protestant),25 very angry leprachauns,a midget wrestler who was slightly taller than the leprachauns,micheal jackson,an exorcist,an alligator,clive woodwards mother,some muslim guys they found in there planes cockpit,the pilot and his mistress,craig david,the prince of wales(not the ugly old one with funny ears),st helens the administrater from trf,mario from sidhe,bob,mc hammer(who just currently got his english passport....cant touch that),some hobo they found when they stopped in australia(it was later revealed that clive woodward has a soft spot for homeless people),there own weatherman,there own tv network station,gavin hensons beauticians,hairstylists and his company of the product his body endorses..."super duper duper super wuper natural looking tan"...also they came with a few resturants,a street car named desire,kanye west,50 cent and G-UNIT!,the lead singer from ac/dc,kaftka(go back to the cold of the north),aragorn and legolas,harry potter and his author,chuck norris,mr.t,some big black african american bouncers,a male stripper, :blink: <that guy,a dog..and that dog brang his dog,and then that dog brang his cat..a telephone marketer,and one scotsman

    after all of what they brang.....daniel carter just touched the rugby ball and *poooof*..all was sent back to clive woodwood in

    a)their scrums
    b)brian odriscolls upperbody
    c)their lineouts
    d)gavin hensons makeup on his face when he ate carters fend
    f)their pride
    g)jonny wilkinsons shoulder when daniel carters leg tackled it
    h)shane williams...poor little elf
    i)actually..i cud do the whole alphabet..but ill stop here and say EVERYTHING was in pieces

    ^^sarcasm^^ gotta love it

    anyways i was very dissapointed in there turn out,as one would imagine :D ,seriously tho i do believe tana umaga should have been suspended for the whole lions series...the fact he wasnt,you just gotta deal with that!..the reaction at that time and in the following months was appauling..sure he didnt apologise..maybe if the media would shut tha f*** up and stop feeding the bullshit then he wouldve approached bod in the future

    anyways..based on performance i thought clive totally screwed up,his team selection and his communication with players he wasnt close too like gavin henson opposed to players hes coached for years ruined the morale of the team from my view...

    the best players of that team to me were gareth thomas and dwayne peel,the rest underperformed and deserved the whitewash...

    what was to be a great event became a sad slow death after there 2nd test match..where in the third the abs fielded on an almost rookie team and still won against more experience players..

    there was no team...clive didnt create that and thus the lion a kiwi ;)

    i respect the whole lions history,its a wonderful concept and the fans that came here to support made the event what it was..not the rugby,the rugby created too much over exaggerated drama which polluted the rugby game at that time...the fans..both kiwis and lion supporters kept it real in the feel..much respect

    Lions didnt deliever what they promised for the years build up...too me..a true rugby fan,i was dissapointed in the rugby lacked passion from the lions team after the 2nd test..thats not rugby
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  3. :lol: there is no way you can justify the lions. they were ****.

    *enter south is better than the north comment here*
  4. Black-Monday

    Black-Monday Guest

    I was disappointed in the lions, defying the fact I had to wake up at 7am on a weekend to watch.

    It was a real shame the lions didn't come a year later as:

    The oldies would have gone
    The youngies would have come in
    Scotland would have taken more players

    A real shame as scotland won't be able to turn out any players till 2009, by which time something will have gone horribly wrong and player like Lamont will be back out of form.

  5. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    Like Chiro said... this is the one place that the Lions could actualy dominate.
  6. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    Couldn't agree more Chiro.... Apart from the comment that I'm from the North...
  7. I don't think you can put the whole squad up, especially seeing as the mid-week side were undefeated.

    Put the test side and/or Woodward in there by all means...
  8. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    Not that hard to remain undefeated when you play 2nd String NPC teams - including a team that come what... 5th or 6th in the Second Divison.

    And they were pushed by Auckland and Southland... and they hardly dominated anyone but Manawatu.
  9. To be honest, I'm just trying to protect Ian McGeechan, because the guy's a legend, a fantastic coach, and doesn't deserve any of the stick for what happened to the Lions.
  10. no matter...he came with the package and its in his record books....

    "assisant coach to the british/irish lions of the 2005 tour to nz....dear God help me....."
  11. He's also led the Lions to a series victory as head coach though, so I imagine that would come first on his CV.
  12. blah blah blah...we talking about the 2005 lions here..they sucked bigtime,no matter what merits he has gained previously it didnt have any effect on overall performance or the outcome of the test matches...or did it?

    anyways clives tactics were useless....they failed..the team failed...the team didnt even look like they got along with was like clive said to henson..go have a bonding session with ur team mates..and henson started touching himself

    they looked awkward...not on the field but off aswell...
  13. harrison2468

    harrison2468 Guest

    Looking back they deserve to be on the wall, but please don't tar them all with the same brush. The management takes prime responsibility, then the players who played below their potential, but guys like Jones, Easterby and Horgan played their socks off, and deserve an exclusion from the wall.
  14. i trust ur words all tha players/management that belong here and post the guys that dont belong

    gareth thomas was a champion in that 2nd test....i really felt sorry for him at the aftermatch interview,it was like he had been robbed of all his belongings...he played with heart n passion that match..what a good majority of the rest lacked

    if all the team played with his attitude..abz wouldve got shaken outta there boots and then we would be witnessing some of the best rugby ever....but no
  15. harrison2468

    harrison2468 Guest

    It is so disappointing how cack we were, as it could of been a great series like you said. Looking back, I ws too optimistic for us, and got sucked up in the hype. The writing was on the wall when Argentina drew with us in the British Isles with 20-odd players out.

    I'll find a list for you Chiro for those who deserve to be there, but at the time, I'll say that;

    Gareth Thomas,
    Ryan Jones,
    Simon Easterby,
    Shane Horgan,
    Ian McGeechan.
  16. Black-Monday

    Black-Monday Guest

    It was a bad thing in my opinion that the welsh won the grand slam, as this probably left the Irish and English bitter. They showed quite a bit of resentment towards each other, and the older players couldn't hold it together.

  17. oh big deal....if that was really the case then those 'older players' are stuck up chumps and are no better than gavin henson an his attitude after the lions tour and his little bitching remarks...

    the whole lions concept is a great one..the next one will be better,i want to see them play more than 3 tests on there year of union....a few more home games across the north to get there attitudes checked and see there team mates as brothers and not be so envious....
  18. The TRUTH

    The TRUTH Guest

    I dont think anyone down south gave them a chance in hell of winning the series

    They were a shadow of the last team that toured OZ and pushed the great John Eales Wallaby team all the way.
  19. harrison2468

    harrison2468 Guest

    That was what I call a true Lions tour though. Incidents, great rugby and close. It was actually when I started watching rugby for the first time, so a great introduction.
  20. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    Since the midweek team had nothing to do with the test team the guys involved in that don't deserve inclusion.

    Firstly the blame lies with Woodward, he was the man with the plan, a plan that had Phil Larder taking scrum training and Jonny Wilkinson starting at inside centre in the 1st test. Believed his own hype after Martin Johnson won him the world cup but bought into the non rugby media hype.
  21. Job

    Job Guest

    I agree with An Tarbh, The main fault with the lions tour 2005 was the poor decision making made by Clive Woodward. I think he was still living in the days when he helped lead England to the world cup. He had decided to play a more vetran team which lacked the cutting edge needed to break down the NZ defense. If he had combined the open play of the Welsh team, the flair of the Irish and the kicking game of the english then maybe the lions tour would have been more of a success. With both the Welsh and the Irish on top form then they could have made it a lions tour to remember. It should of been a perfect opportunity to combine some of the greatest northern hempshire players togther.
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