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That's right, we're going to get a clan going on Halo 3 for TRF.

Anyone is welcome to join, but you need to sign up first.

So far we have;

Teh Mite






Whoever else is interested should reply here.
Ok, being a total newb here, but by "clan" do you mean part of a group in an on-line thingy?
Ok, being a total newb here, but by "clan" do you mean part of a group in an on-line thingy? [/b]
Yeah clan is a name adopted by gaming circles that pretty much means team.

Its seems Los Lover's legacy is living on....
It was discussed last night and for the crack it had to be done.

Could be keen, just got xboxlive and haven't really played yet. Don't count on me dominating, so if you wanna leave me in the cold it's cool. I'd understand :wah:
Add people to your friends list (as seen in Loxs thread) and see us online. We're hardly 1337 either, it's more for fun.
Just added yous, this is gonna be interesting. I can't see anyone being as bad as myself. Think throwing grenades into walls ricocheting into team members, meleeing my own team mates accidentally and running them over in warthogs etc...
Got a copy coming my way, so will join in... yeah time diff sucks balls aye.
Yes, something definately needs to be done about the timezone thingy. When you guys are coming online, i'm going to bed!

Alas, until you all adopt GMT (the only legitimate measure of time) as your official timezone, i'm not sure what can be done about these things. I am certainly open to suggestion.

i dont need to sleep on weekends, but with CoD4 coming i think Halo will take a chop or 4.

i really dont see myself pulling Halo iut with CoD4 Assasins Creed, but will make an effort if i see the TRF crue on board.
Well I haven't been on for a month or so 'cos of exams, but they finish at the end of next week so I'll pretty much be on it (FIFA08 presumably, considering I just got it) around the clock. So might see some of you on it for once.
I've got a month's free membership on gold thingy.
They gave it to me for some reason after connecting my xbox for the first time since i got it.
My gamertag is:

Matt B Weird

But how do i get in this clan?
I mean, i'm such a newb, so i hav eno idea what i need to do.

Taht was a good laugh; i really enjoyed that tonight, moreso to hear tehmite and zonerunner *****ing the whole time, but i was also pretty good at killing the two when it really mattered.

Hopefully i can get some rankings soon enough and we'll actually be able to play against some people - inestead of teh computer.

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