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The "banned" Thread

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St Helens RLFC

This is where the staff will, please, list people who they have warned or banned, so the rest of the forum can see. Unlock and lock the thread as appropriate.

Chiro - banned for a week for disobeying my direct orders and continually abusing staff.
Member "JoshLaneIsGay" - Banned for 4 weeks.

Reason 1 - probably came on here just be annoying, possibly an alias. If I do find it's an alias of someone they can have 4 weeks too

Reason 2 - abused the report post function.
Josh_Lane_Is_Gay (same dude unless tere is something very weird going on) has been banned indefinately.

Someone should probably just delete his account.
Same bloke again...

rhinos_til_i_die been banned because he's really funny.
Josh Lane has been deleted, and rhinos till I die has my new knobhead alert.
Los Lover's account has just been deleted. I gave him a chance and he blew it.
Not open for further replies.

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